Redwood City Community Development Services

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The City of Redwood City requires that the following items be submitted/completed prior to issuance of any Demolition Permit:


          Clearance from P.G. & E. for appropriate gas and electrical disconnection, (See attached paper work).  Paper work needs to be submitted to P.G. & E.


          Bay Area Quality Management District review (“J Number” issued).  (See attached paper work).  Paper work needs to be submitted to the Bay Area Quality Management District.


          Permits to demolish gas stations require clearance from the San Mateo County Health Department

            (650) 363-4305 and a Tank Removal Permit from the City of Redwood City Fire Department

            (650) 780-7400.


          Permits to demolish garages require a Building Permit to replace the demolished garage before a demolition permit can be issued.


          Tree Removal Permit for the removal/pruning of Heritage Trees or a Tree Protection Plan for the protection of existing trees (includes trees on the subject property, as well as trees on adjacent properties).  Contact Public Works Services at (650) 780-7407.


          Fill out Building Permit application and submit with a fully dimensioned, detailed site plan.  A pre-site inspection will be done when applicable.  (See Sample Site Plan along with requirements).


          Planning Review (check for historic status of a structure or other issues).


          Once the J Number authorization, P.G.& E. disconnection, and Tree Removal/Pruning Permit or Tree Protection Plan are provided to the Building Department a Building Permit can be issued.


          The Building Department will send a notice to the Meter Shop in the Water Department to notify them of the demolition.



              Telephone:  (650) 780-7350      Inspections:  (650) 780-7361      Fax:  (650) 780-7348