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Application & Handouts


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Foundation & Anchorage

Floor Construction

Framing of Openings

Floor Framing/Lateral Restraint

Wall, Floor, and Roof Framing

Wall Framing Details

Wall Framing/Exterior Corners

Boring & Notching Exterior and Bearing Walls

Boring & Notching Interior Non-Bearing Walls

Boring & Notching - Floor Joist

Roof - Ceiling Construction

Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings

Window Wells

Safety Glazing Adjacent to Doors

Safety Galzing in Doors

Stair Treads and Risers

Spiral Stairs

Landings at Doors



Handrails Type II

Fireplace and Chimney Details

Requirements for Masonry Fireplaces/Chimneys

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fastener Schedule for Structural Members


Span Tables

Single-family Voluntary Residential Foundation Retro-fit Plan page 1
Single-family Voluntary Residential Foundation Retro-fit Plan page 2 *These two plans print out 24" by 36" plan size, and can be obtained at the Permits counter.


E 1 Burial Depths
E 2 Metal Box Fill
E 3 Ceiling Fan Box
E 4 Outdoor Receptacles
E 5 GFCI Protection
E 6 Grounding Electrodes
E 7 Grounding
E 8 Bonding
E 9 Light Fixtures in Bathroom
E 10 Light Fixtures in Clothes Closets
E 11 Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable Protection
E 12 Overhead Open Conductors
E 13 Receptacle Spacing
E 14 Kitchen Receptacles
E 15 Laundry Outlets
E 16 Swimming Pools Overhead Clearance
E 17 Swimming Pool Light Fixture
E 18 Swimming Pool Receptacles
E 19 Swimming Pool Bonding


M 1. Clearance
M 2 Combustion Air
M 3 Combustion Air
M 4 Combustion Air
M 5 Condensate
M 6 Cooling Units
M 7 Domestic Clothes Dryer
M 8 Factory Built Chimneys
M 9 Attic Furnace
M 10 Attic Furnace
M 11 Under Floor Furnace
M 12 Vented Wall Furnace
M 13 Furnace in Closet
M 14 Gas Connection
M 15 Vent Termination
M 16 Minimun Vent Height

M 17 Direct Vent Termination

M 18 Appliance Venting

M 19 Appliance Venting

M 20 Appliance Venting and Support

M 21 Appliance Venting and Fireblocks/Draft Stops

M 22 Residential Cook-top Range
M 23 Commercial Kitchen Exhaust


P l Air-Gap/Air Break
P-2 Burial Depth Sewer
P 3 Cleanouts
P 4 Fittings
P 5 Fittings
P 6 Gas Shut-Off/Fire Place
P 7 Island Sink Venting
P 8 Roof Drains
P 9 Shower Receptor
P 10Trap Arm/Tail Piece
P 11 Trap Arm/Tail Piece
P 12 Trap Seal
P 13 Water Heater
P 13-1 Water Heater Bracing, Straight Wall
P 13-2 Water Heater Bracing Alternate
P 13-3 Water Heater Bracing Corner


PG&E 1 Electric Meter Cabinet Enclosure
PG&E 2 Electric Service Working
PG&E 3 Gas Meter Installation
PG&E 4 Gas Meter Clearances
PG&E 5 Recessed Gas Meter Installation
PG&E 6 Multiple Gas Meter Installation
PG&E 7 Multiple Gas Meter Installation
PG&E 8 Swimming Pool Clearances for Utility Service Drop
PG&E 9 Temporary Underground Electric Service


A 1   ATM Machines
A 2   ATM Machines
A  3  Corridor Obstruction
A  4  Drinking Fountains
A  5  Dining Counters/Bars
A  6  Dining Counters/Bars
A  7  Doors
A  8  Doors
A  9  Doors/Landings
A 10 Doors/Landings
A 11 Doors/Landings
A 12 Elevators
A 13 Elevators
A 14 Floor Coverings
A 15 Food Service Lines
A 16 Path of Travel Obstruction
A 17 Path of Travel Obstructions
A 18 Parking
A 19 Parking
A 20 Parking
A 21 Ramps
A 22 Ramps
A 23 Ramps
A 24 Reach Specifications
A 25 Reach Specifications
A 26 Restrooms
A 27 Restrooms
A 28 Restrooms
A 29 Restrooms
A 30 Seating/tables
A 31 Seating/tables
A 32 Stairs
A 33 Stairs
A 34 Stairs
A 35 Telephones
A 36 Wheelchair/Clear Floor Space
A 37 Wheelchair/Clear Floor Space
A 38 Wheelchair/Clear Floor Space
A 39 Checkstands




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