Permit Application Checklist

Redwood City Community Development Services – Building & Inspection

City Hall, 1017 Middlefield Road, PO Box 391, Redwood City, CA  94064




The Redwood City “Counter Team” is here to help you get your permit.  This Permit Application Checklist is the first step.  Staff will review your project using this checklist to help ensure that your application is complete, the first time.


Most Permit Applications require at least the following items:


q       Complete Application Form (signed by property owner) and Fee

q       Site Plan (include parking, trees & landscaping, easements)

q       Plot and Finish Grading Plan – 2 sets – Ref. City Engineering Standards Vol. III, Part II, Section E and                                                           Attachment D, D-1, D-2 and E)                                           

q       Foundation and Roof Plans                                                                                      

q       Floor Plan (existing and proposed; label all rooms)                                                    

q       Elevation Plans (all sides, provide photos if existing)                                                  

q       Construction Section and Details (show framing and footings)                                               

q       Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Plans

q       Structural Calculations – 2 sets

q       Soils Report (new buildings, basements, hillsides, other special

circumstances as required by the Building Official) – 2 sets

q       Job Specifications – 2 sets

q       Title 24 Energy Calculations, 2005 version (required for all habitable or “conditioned” space) – 2 sets

q       Fire Sprinkler Plan (sprinkled buildings only) – 2 sets

q       Local Development Standards (curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveway approach, street trees,

street lights, etc.) – 4 sets

q      School Impact Fees (residential > 500 sq. ft.)

q       Traffic Impact Fees

q       Local Development Costs

q       Water and sewer fees (as applicable)

q       Environmental Impact Assessment

q       Description of Use

q       NPDES Permit Compliance for construction and new development and check lists

q       Other  ______________________________________________________