About Us

Our mission statement: The Redwood City Public Library inspires learning through innovative and visionary programming and services—literacy programs, support for school success, access to technology, safe, inviting spaces for youth and families, and gathering places that connect the members of the community with a love of reading and learning.

Libraries should be considered “indoor parks” with many learning, cultural, and recreational activities for all ages, incomes, and cultures, and a primary way of helping to build community by promoting community participation and volunteerism. 

Library Board

The Library Board consists of seven members, appointed by the City Council for terms of four years each.

K-Schwarz library-copy C.Zuk-Mielke

Reina Barragan

Janet Lawson

Lisa Hicks- Dumanske

Barbara Valley

Karen Schwarz

Hinda Chalew

 Cary Zuk-Mielke

Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan 2014-2016 [PDF]

Annual Report

Annual Report FY 2012-13 [PDF]


Snapshot of 2012-2013

  • 1.7 million in annual circulation. More than half of the items borrowed were children’s materials.
  • Over 1.1 million in annual visits to our libraries, an increase from the past year!
  • 78,028 library card holders used their card.
  • Our meeting rooms were used 2,000 times by the community.
  • 130,000 volunteer hours were worked by our community members of all ages.
  • 1,000 different teens used our Teen Center this past year for a total attendance of over 10,000. 350 teens gave 1,500 hours volunteering. This does not include the 50 teens that tutor younger kids daily for Project READ.
  • Over 200,000 folks attended 9,100 library programs. Of these, 7,600 were children’s programs with 175,000children and family members attending! All higher than the previous year’s high water mark.
  • Our public computers were used 917,000 times and our website was visited 632,000 times.
  • We added 25,000 books this past year to the collection.
    Initiatives this year included the annual Kindergarten Card Campaign, Library Foundation campaign for Project Read's Kids In Partnership, Baby and Me, Job & Career programs and a new automated check-in system.

Youth Agenda