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ARC Meeting Agenda

October 28, 2003
6:45 – 9:00 A.M.
City Hall
Council Chambers



This agenda category is limited to 15 minutes to be allocated as determined by the Chairman. If you wish to address the Architectural Review Committee, please complete a Speaker’s Card and give it to the secretary.


1. 480 James Avenue (Sequoia High School District Offices):
Second review of project to replace four outdated school district buildings with a new, 23,644 square foot administrative building with associated site and landscaping improvements.
Zoning District: PF
Lot Area: 39.3 acres

The applicant has responded to the comments listed below:

  • Building elevations have been revised to provide more articulation at the proposed building facades.
  • The building entrance has been emphasized for greater visibility and a portion of the front façade lowered to responding to concerns of compatible scale.
  • More detailed landscape plans reflect the highly buffered aspect of this project.

Meeting Notes from October 14, 2003:
480 James Avenue (Sequoia High School District Offices):
CONTINUED (3-1, Frank opposed/recommended denial, M/S Howard, Gee)
Mr. Frank questioned the validity and the design of the entire project and will submit written comments for the record.

  • Rework elements of the building’s architecture; too boxy, flat and long, stark, needs more articulation.
  • Provide more articulation to the exterior. The design of the proposed building angle does not appear compatible to the overall architecture; rework design.
  • Provide hierarchy. Public front door should be more visible.
  • Reduce scale and height of building, rework central element of the proposed building.

Staff Recommendation: Approve as revised. The proposed facility is compatible with the campus’s existing style.

Project Planner: Maureen Riordan

2. 1204 Shasta St. - formerly 135 Willow St. - (TOPOS Architects for San Carlos Stair):

New submittal for a previously approved design of a 5,200 square foot, two-tenant warehouse building. The applicant has hired another architect and redesigned the building with a different architectural style under a new application.

  • The proposed new building is shown with a two-foot setback on Willow Street and a 16-inch setback on Shasta Street.
  • Groundcovers and vines are proposed to be planted in these setbacks to provide landscape softening to the building elevations.
  • Building materials include a variety of CMU types. A color/materials board will be provided at the meeting.
  • A tower element is proposed to demarcate the showroom entrance on Shasta Street.
  • The proposed lighting plan is in the process of being finalized. It includes wall mounted sodium vapor lights mounted 12 feet above finished grade on the rear (parking lot) elevation. Other fixtures will be discussed at the meeting.
  • Per the previous approval, street trees (per the City Arborist's requirements) are shown on both frontages.

Zoning District: IR
Lot Area: 9,690 square feet

Staff Recommendation: Continue.

  • Although the tower element on Shasta clearly identifies the entrance, the tower design and door placement could be better integrated into the overall design by connecting directly to the parking lot. In addition, such a large scale tower feature may not be appropriate for a small warehouse building. Most warehouse architecture in the area resembles the proposed side wings of the building. If the tower is retained, the door should be centered.
  • Per the City's Design Guidelines, buildings should include a well defined base, middle, and top (i.e., more details should explain the roofline at the wings, flashing?). Horizontal articulation is better accomplished on the rear (parking lot) elevation than on the Shasta Street elevation.
  • Because Liquid Amber trees are well-known to heave pavement in a short time period another species will be recommended by Staff.
  • The applicant shall submit details of the proposed seven-foot high masonry wall along the south property line. This wall shall be compatible to the approved building design and materials.

Project Planner: Jill Ekas

3. 2301-2303 Broadway (KY Chiu for Geri Mayers):
Application for an exterior remodel to a two-story 7,000 square foot commercial building. (Fourth review over the past 10 years). This proposal involves the comprehensive rehabilitation of both the Broadway and Hamilton Street facades. Proposed improvements also include the replication of the original arch and Corinthian column, brackets, and medallion details, as well as denticulation of this turn-of-the-century building which was heavily altered in the 1950s. The corner canopy structure will be removed. The applicant is proposing standard aluminum storefront systems with cement plaster veneers over concrete at the wainscot and cornice lines. A concrete band at the transoms is proposed to incorporate future signage.
Zoning District: CB-R
Lot Area: 5,000 square feet

Staff Recommendation: Continue.

  • Redesign storefront system with a more compatible style (i.e. full height and more compatible doors)
  • Better detail on the transom lines separating both floors.
  • Submit more details on the columns.
  • Incorporate street trees at Hamilton frontage to match opposite side.

Project Planner: Charles Jany


1. Courthouse Square design meeting will be held December 11, 2003 from 7-10 pm in the Redwood Room at the Veterans Hall.


Adjourn to November 25, 2003 to the regular ARC meeting at 6:45am in the Council Chambers. November 11, 2003 meeting is canceled due to Veteran’s Day holiday.



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