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City Council Priorities ~ Updated March 10, 2008

The City Council's Guidelines and Priorities provide overall direction for carrying out the activities of the City, in order to best meet the needs of the people who live and work here.

Each year the Council reviews and revises these broad, two-year priorities, which contain more specific programs, projects, policies, and processes that are used in developing work programs for the various City departments.

The priorities are based on six “overarching guidelines” which are:

I. Community Building
II. Communication



Creating Pedestrian-Friendly Public Places Citywide


Quality of Life

VI. Economic Vitality/Sustainability

The City aligns the timing of its priority-setting process to match that of other critical processes: the City's two-year budget (also updated annually), and the two-year terms of the Mayor and Vice Mayor. This aligned process maximizes the City’s ability to clearly focus on, articulate, and implement its strategies and work programs.

The Council’s 2008 - 2010 priorities and related program specifics were updated on March 10, 2008 at the Council's priority review session, following two community input workshops.

For each priority, there are several specific elements or activities listed. They are noted to indicate that the City Council agrees that those activities should be considered as ongoing functions being performed in the regular course of City business. Those elements that have budget implications are considered separately, within the City’s budget process. Inclusion of an activity under the priorities does not assure funding, but confirms the importance of that activity.

The priorities are shown below with the relevant activities under each, and are not in any ranked order.

  • Economic Development
    • Business retention, business promotion citywide
    • Smart growth (green building / urban design)
    • Historic preservation/identity
    • Downtown redevelopment
    • Housing development

  • Public Safety
    • Maintain / ensure public safety
    • Disaster preparedness (including Port)
    • Anti-gang activities

  • Transportation and Traffic
    • Commuter and community shuttle service
    • Neighborhood traffic problem-solving system / liaison
    • Pedestrian/bike friendly citywide
    • Highway 101 / 84 interchange improvements
    • Maintain regional transportation representation

  • Government Operations
    • New General Plan by September, 2009
    • Be attentive to environmental concerns – climate protection and conservation
    • Code enforcement
    • Staff development and succession planning
    • Be in a state of readiness for funding opportunities
    • Create an overarching strategic plan (process to be determined)

  • Community/Civic Support
    • Community building and community partnerships
    • Civic engagement
    • Public awareness and communications
    • New parks and public spaces

  • Youth Agenda
    • Redwood City collaborative youth initiative
    • After-school enrichment programs
    • Child care (services for ages 0-5)


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