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It’s Easy Going Green for Redwood City Businesses!

Cutting back our community’s greenhouse gas emissions is everyone’s responsibility – and our local businesses have a great opportunity to make a real impact! By reducing energy and water use, minimizing waste generation, and preventing pollution, Redwood City businesses will be doing their part in helping our community be as green as possible. Whether your business is large, medium, or small, Redwood City has tools to help.

The Green Business Program is set up to assist, recognize, and promote local businesses that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. To be certified "Green," businesses have to be in compliance with all state and local regulations and meet the program’s standards for conserving energy and water, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste. Click here for the current list of Redwood City Green Certified businesses.

San Mateo County Energy Watch provides no-cost energy audits, lighting and equipment retrofits, special incentives and financing, and benchmarking services to Redwood City businesses, as well as hosting workshops, classes, and trainings about energy efficiency. SMC Energy Watch is a partnership between the City/County Associations of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) and PG&E that supports energy efficiency programs at the local level and serves 20 cities, County government, and the areas of San Mateo County. To learn more about energy and money saving opportunities for your business, check out the San Mateo County Energy Watch program

Redwood City’s Water Conservation Program offers lots of ways for local businesses to save water, save money, and improve their bottom-line. Whether yours is a restaurant, commercial laundry, office building, retail store, or apartment building, or if you use water for any other commercial or industrial purposes, we can help. Our rebate programs help you to use high-efficiency commercial washers and toilets, utilize low-water-use “water brooms” instead of hoses, and gain technology to reduce water use for cooling equipment, and even X-ray equipment. We can also assist you to analyze and reduce water use in your large landscape areas.

For more information, please contact Vicki Sherman, Environmental Initiatives Coordinator, at 650-780-5917 or

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