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Comparative Performance Measurement

Redwood City participates in ICMA's Performance Measurement program as one way of maintaining our philosophy of continuous improvement.

This program provides a process for us to measure our delivery of municipal services, compare that performance with similar cities and the national median, and use that information to enhance and improve the services we provide to the people who live and work here. It also strengthens our accountability, encourages discussion of performance, and provides data for making decisions on goals, objectives, budgets, and work plans.

Here is a sample of some of Redwood City's performance measures compared with the national median for the year 2001, which is the latest data available. Our website currently contains detailed data through the year 2000.

"Average Time from First Report to First Inspection of a Housing Code Violation"
Redwood City – 1.0 days
National Median – 3.0 days

"Citizen Ratings of the Appearance of Parks and Recreation Facilities"
Redwood City – 82% (excellent or good)
National Median – 91% (excellent or good)

"Percentage of Fire Department Emergency Calls with a Response Time of 5 Minutes and Under from Call Entry to On-Scene Arrival"
Redwood City – 95%
National Median – 82%

"Citizen Ratings of Road Condition"
Redwood City – 81% (good or mostly good condition)
National Median – 80% (good or mostly good condition)

"Annual Library Circulation Rates (number of items checked out per registered borrower)"
Redwood City – 8.5
National Median – 8.0

"Percentage of Violent Crimes Cleared"
Redwood City – 80%
National Median – 62.4%

In our 2002-2004 Budget document, each of the performance measures includes a definition, an analysis, and a set of next steps to address the level of performance or the related objectives.
We use performance measurement as a management tool for keeping departments accountable, for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, and for promoting continuous improvement throughout all City operations.



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