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Our Core Purpose and Values

City Manager's Initiatives

   · Economic Development
   · Verde
   · Neighborhood Liaison Program
   · PACT
   · Neighborhood Associations
   · RWC 2020
   · Pride and Beautification Committee
   · RCI/Sister Cities

Build a Great Community Together

   · Civic Engagement -- a White Paper
   · "Community Builders" Program
   · Community Improvement Grant Program
   · ICMA
   · Neighborhood Survey
   · Green Business Program


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City Manager's Initiatives

In the City Manager’s office, we are involved in a great number of projects, activities, and initiatives focused on how we partner with and provide service to the people that live and work in Redwood City.

Many of these initiatives cross over into the City’s other departments, and sometimes into other organizations entirely. But they all have in common our Core Purpose – Building a Great Community Together. Each of these initiatives is developed and implemented with our Core Values in mind: Excellence, Integrity, Service, and Creativity.

See the links on the left for descriptions of a few of our higher-profile initiatives – and see if there is one or more in which you and your neighbors might get involved! Contact us for more details on any of these City Manager Initiatives.


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