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Archived News Release from 2003

For Immediate Release

15th Annual Mayor's Beautification Awards Now Underway

Redwood City, CA - June 3, 2003 - For the 15th consecutive year, Redwood City residents, non-profit organizations, and businesses are showing their civic pride by applying for a Mayor's Beautification Award. Individuals, homeowners associations, apartment complexes, businesses, non-profits, and others are invited to participate. These awards help foster civic pride in our community, beautify our entire City, and, of course, recognize people and organizations for their work to make Redwood City a better, more attractive place to live and work. The deadline for entries is August 8, 2003, and judging will be completed by the end of August. Applications are available by calling the above contact number, by visiting at City Hall (1017 Middlefield Road), or online at

As a community, the way in which we use, improve, and maintain our homes, landscaping, buildings, and gardens expresses an image of Redwood City. The Mayor's Beautification Awards help to promote and enhance this image both within Redwood City, and beyond our borders. The awards show our neighbors and visitors that Redwood City recognizes the importance and value of keeping our City beautiful.

The Mayor's Beautification Award program is sponsored by the City's Pride and Beautification committee, and is designed to recognize the efforts of residents, non-profit agencies, and businesses to maintain or improve Redwood City neighborhoods. The program encourages attractive structural and landscaping improvements in our community. Single- or multi-family residences, apartment complexes, home owners associations, and non-profit or commercial properties are eligible.

A panel of volunteer judges will prescreen the entries, and the final selection process will include a site visit to the top entries. Categories include best architectural design, remodel, historical restoration; most beautiful garden or landscape; best compatible building and garden or landscape; and more. In fact, if your entry doesn't exactly fit into one of the categories, applicants can make their own.

Entering the Mayor's Beautification Awards program is an easy and fun way to demonstrate neighborhood and civic pride, and help to connect with the community of Redwood City. Applicants may call the number above for more information or to get an application, or visit Redwood City's website at where there is additional information about the City and its services, the community, recreation programs, education, City government, and local business.

Deanna La Croix
Office of the City Manager

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