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Archived News Release from 2004

For Immediate Release

Announcing the Redwood City Low-Flow Toilet Giveaway!

*Click here for info on the October 14 "Smashing Water Wasters" event!

Redwood City, CA - September 30 , 2004 -
Most residents don’t know that every time they flush the toilet, they may be wasting three to five gallons or more of our precious water. A low-flow toilet is a great way to save water and money with each flush, and Redwood City is making it easy to replace old high water-use toilets through the Low-Flow Toilet Giveaway.

One thousand FREE ultra low-flow toilets will be given away on October 23rd and 30th to Redwood City water customers in exchange for their old high water-use toilets. For more information and to make an appointment to pick up your new low-flow toilet, call 780-7436 or go to the Public Works Services building at 1400 Broadway.

Customers will be responsible for installing their new toilets and returning their old toilets to the City for recycling. To qualify for this free toilet giveaway program, applicants must be a Redwood City water customer and live in a single-family household. It’s easy for residents to get a free low-flow replacement toilet – they just fill out and submit an application, which is available by calling the City’s Water Conservation Hotline at 780-7436. Then, on October 23rd or 30th residents can pick up their new low-flow toilet at the City’s Public Works Services building at 1400 Broadway, and start saving water, and money!

These toilets are high-quality, innovative two-button dual flush models, giving residents the choice to flush 1.6 gallons for solid waste and a remarkably-low 0.8 gallons for liquid waste. That results in up to 67% additional water savings over other low flow toilets. The free toilets are valued at approximately $400 retail.

Click here for specifications and installation information for the Caroma Caravelle 270 dual-flush low-flow toilet that the City is giving away (pdf).

The Low Flow Toilet Giveaway is part of the City’s Toilet Replacement Program, which aims to reduce water use throughout the community. The City plans to replace 12,250 older high water-use toilets over the next three-years, which will produce water savings estimated at over 100 million gallons of water per year. Most homes in Redwood City are still using at least one older water-wasting toilet that may be using up to 5 or even 7 gallons per flush.

Comparing that water usage to the latest 1.6-gallons (or less) per-flush models, it’s easy to see that a lot of our precious water is literally going down the drain, and our hard-earned dollars with it. Redwood City’s toilet replacement program targets 7,000 single-family toilets, 5,000 multi-family toilets, and 250 commercial toilets during the next three years, offering customers a low-cost way to replace their old toilets with state-of-the-art, water-saving models.

For water saving tips, a free SMART Home Water Conservation Kit, to schedule a free SMART Home Water Use House Call, please call the Redwood City Water Conservation Hotline at 780-7436 or go to

Visit Redwood City’s website at for information about the City and its services, the community, recreation programs, education, City government, and local business.


Manny Rosas
Public Works Superintendent
(650) 780-7436




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