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Archived News Release from 2008

For Immediate Release

California is Facing a Drought - Everyone Can Easily Save Water with Redwood City’s 10 Gallon Challenge

Redwood City, CA - September 11, 2008 - Early last summer, a statewide drought was declared. We all know this means that mandatory water rationing is a real possibility in the near future. Many Redwood City residents and businesses are already doing a lot to save water, but now is the time for everyone to join together and do their part – and one easy step is to join Redwood City’s 10 Gallon Challenge.

If every person uses just 10 gallons less water per day, our community will achieve hugely significant water savings – and it's really easy to save 10 gallons a day. Families and businesses are encouraged to go to and take a look at the 10 Gallon Challenge chart, select the water-saving actions they’ll pledge to do, and get in the habit of using less water every day.

Some of the easy things everyone can do inside their house include running the dishwasher only when full (saves 2 gallons); shortening showers by two minutes (saves 5 gallons); or fixing a leaky faucet (saves 15 gallons). Outside the house, how about watering lawns only before 6 am or after 8 pm (saves 20 gallons); adjusting sprinklers to avoid over-spraying off the lawn (saves 30 gallons); or repairing a broken sprinkler head (saves 20 gallons). Just those few actions combined can save nearly 100 gallons a day!

Everyone who pledges to save at least 10 gallons a day gets to print out their own 10 Gallon Challenge Pledge Certificate from the website, and have their water savings added to the running total. The more water each person saves, the more benefit there is to our community, our environment, and our future water supply. For more water-saving ideas call 780-7436 or visit

This is a great, easy way for each of us to do our part to save water right now, and help our community to successfully endure the drought. Everyone is encouraged to visit the website, and tell friends and neighbors to join in taking the 10 Gallon Challenge.

The recent drought declaration came after two straight years of below-average rainfall, low snowmelt runoff, and the driest spring on record for the areas in Northern California that supply most of the state’s water. This is the first time a drought has been declared in California since the drought of 1987-1992, and at this time Redwood City's water supplier is asking for a voluntary 10% cutback in water use.

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Justin Ezell
Public Works Services Superintendent
(650) 780-7474


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