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Archived News Release from 2008

For Immediate Release

Community Urged to Help the Environment - One Car at a Time

Redwood City, CA - October 16, 2008 - Here’s an astounding fact about Redwood City street sweeping: each year, on a city-wide basis, our street sweepers are unable to gather an estimated 150 cubic yards, or 30 full dump truck loads, of debris from our city streets. This means lot of debris is left in our gutters and on our neighborhood roadways. Not only does this look unappealing, but the winter rainfall then washes all of that debris, along with pollutants, down the storm drains and into our bay.

Why do our street sweepers not clean up this huge amount of debris? It occurs when residents don’t move their cars on their street’s scheduled sweeping day. The simple act of moving one’s car from the street on that one day a month can obviously have a dramatic effect on the quality of our street sweeping work.

Last summer a pilot project was implemented on two streets, so the City can enforce new parking restrictions to improve street sweeping. As of August, Douglas Avenue (from Spring Street to Middlefield Road) and on Marshall Street (from Chestnut Street to Maple Street) are signed for “No Parking” on the last Friday of each month from 7 am to noon (except holidays), in order to clear the street of vehicles so City street sweepers can do their job. Violators will receive a citation, and abandoned cars are towed.

The new signs that have been installed as part of this program serve to remind drivers when their cars must be moved off the street. So far, the program has met with success as more people are moving their cars off the street on their street sweeping days, thus allowing the street sweepers to do a better job. The City is still collecting data on this pilot program, and will report back to the City Council by the end of the year. Later, the Council will decide if the program warrants expansion into other areas of the City.

The City of Redwood City is urging the community to do their part for the environment, one car at a time, by moving their vehicles off the street just once a month on that street’s scheduled street sweeping day. That way, we’ll avoid “missing” areas and streets and reduce the amount of debris that otherwise gets washed down the drain into the bay, and detract from the looks of our streets.

Early this year the Redwood City Public Works Services Department mailed each resident a neighborhood street cleaning calendar for 2008. Residents are urged to refer to the calendar to find out their street cleaning day. They can also go online to “Look Up Sweeper Schedule” to find their street sweeper schedule. Or, they can make a quick call to Redwood City Public Works Services at (650) 780-7464 to get their street sweeping schedule.

Moving a car one day a month is a small thing to do - but it will provide the City with the ability to do the best street sweeping job possible, and will really help keep our neighborhoods clean as well as reduce runoff of debris into the bay.

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Marilyn Harang
Public Works Services Superintendent
(650) 780-7477


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