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Archived News Release from 2009

For Immediate Release
Redwood City Receives Development Proposal for Cargill Property

Redwood City, CA - May 20 , 2009 – Yesterday, Tuesday May 19, Redwood City’s Planning staff received a proposal from DMB Associates for development of the Cargill property. A staff review of the proposal has started.

The 1,433-acre parcel represents the largest undeveloped property in Redwood City, and City officials recognize the tremendous public interest in the development proposal. “We are committed to conducting a transparent and fair process and want to engage the community in a manner that allows for open dialogue and a thorough review that will shape the proposed project and its alternatives,” said City Manager Peter Ingram.

In order to facilitate a thorough and transparent review process, the City has established Web pages dedicated to the Saltworks project review process, at

The web pages contain information about the proposed project and a schedule for future public meetings that are likely to begin in winter of 2010. The pages will be updated as additional information is submitted and/or as City staff generates materials. The City is also establishing an email broadcast list for those interested in receiving notices and updates of new information and meetings. Anyone interested in subscribing to the email list can do so by visiting the City’s project website.

The provision of project information by the City does not indicate a position for or against the proposed project. The information is provided as a service to the community so that there is a greater awareness and understanding of the process and decisions that must be made regarding this proposal, and so that the community may be more fully engaged as the process proceeds.

Located south of Seaport Boulevard and east of Highway 101, the Cargill property has been used for a variety of salt-making operations for the past 100 years. As Cargill began to explore alternative uses for the property in recent years, it partnered with DMB Associates in a public outreach effort to engage Redwood City community members in discussions about their thoughts and priorities for the site.

According to the documents submitted, the proposal envisions 50 percent of the property to be used for housing and other mixed uses and 50 percent dedicated for wetlands restoration, open space and recreation.

City staff is in the process of reviewing the development proposal to determine which additional studies or information are required. The proposed project will require a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) likely to begin in early 2010. If the project is to move forward, it will also require a General Plan amendment, zoning change, and a development agreement.

Following a notice of preparation (NOP) for the EIR that is anticipated in the winter of 2010, the City will then hold informational meetings or workshops and a scoping session to discuss the scope and content of the analyses in the Draft EIR. Once the Draft EIR is complete, it will undergo public review and comment before it is considered for certification.

Redwood City is committed to a purposeful public involvement in the review of this development proposal, and to continue to engage and involve the community at every point in the process.

Visit Redwood City’s website at for information about the City and its services, the community, recreation programs, education, and local business. Subscribe to Redwood City’s electronic newsletter or other City documents at


Peter Ingram
City Manager

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