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Archived News Release from 2010

For Immediate Release


Community Invited to Join Friends and Neighbors for World Café/Community Builders Workshop

Redwood City, CA - September 10, 2010 - The community of Redwood City is invited to be engaged, enlightened, and inspired at this unique community building event: it’s Redwood City’s own version of the renowned World Café community discussion model, combined with presentations by Mike Green, one of the country’s premier thinkers and writers on the subject of community building.

It’s Redwood City’s “Community Builders” workshop, taking place on Tuesday, September 21, 2010, at 6 pm (including dinner), at Veterans Memorial Senior Center. Please register in advance by emailing with your name, address, phone number, and email. This event is primarily for people who live or work in Redwood City, but others can be placed on a waiting list.

This stimulating, interactive evening will take participants beyond the great Community Building program that the City hosted last June. This will be a “hybrid” version of the renowned World Café community discussion model, combined with presentations and discussions with Mike Green of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). Participants need not have attended Community Builders workshop last June – this event is designed to build on that, but also to bring a great deal of new connections and discussions to the concept of building community in Redwood City.

Participants will sit at small café tables with three other people, hear some of the latest information about community building, and discuss a key question with their tablemates. Then, three people from each table will get up, move to three different tables, and engage in further discussion around a different thought-provoking question. There will be three or four “rounds” of the well-respected World Café communication/discussion model, with periodic interjections by Mike Green. The evening will also feature very short informational presentations by a group of wonderful local non-profit organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to connect for discussions with staff from those groups, and to connect with each other around critical community issues.

Redwood City has invented this hybrid concept - combining World Café discussions with Community Building presentations. It promises to be exciting, thought-provoking, fun, and full of great opportunities to build community. Mike Green is affiliated with the innovative Asset Based Community Development Institute ( / Mr. Green will offer valuable ideas for what we can do to continue our community’s journey down the path of “asset-based development,” by turning, first of all, to our neighbors and to local associations and institutions that lie at the heart of our communities.

The goal of the Workshop is to inspire people to envision the community they’d like Redwood City to be, and to work effectively with their friends and neighbors, colleagues, fellow community-members, organizations, and the City to achieve that vision. It’s designed to motivate people and associations to join together with others toward the improvement of our entire community.

This is a call to action for the community to join in what is sure to be a remarkable workshop, which will help us find our passion, our interest, something that is important to our families – and then join others to help build a great community together.

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Malcolm Smith
Public Communications Manager

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