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Archived News Release from 2010

For Immediate Release

Redwood City Reaches Milestone in Water Conservation with Phase I Completion of Recycled Water Project

Redwood City, CA - August 20, 2010 - Phase 1 of the Redwood City Recycled Water Project is complete, marking a major milestone in the City’s ongoing efforts to conserve water and provide for a long-term, reliable water source for the future. Completion of Phase 1 is highlighted by the flow of recycled water through the distinctive purple pipes to customers in the Seaport area of Redwood City. And, the City is proud to announce that Phase I was completed on time and on budget.

From its inception in 2002, the City ensured that its Recycled Water Project was implemented as more than merely a series of pump stations and pipelines — it was viewed as an exercise in building community values about sensible water use and ongoing water conservation.

Establishing Redwood City’s recycled water program marked a shift in practice and philosophy away from using high-quality water from the Hetch Hetchy system for non-drinking purposes, to using a safe, non-potable alternative. By using recycled water for landscape irrigation, industrial processes, and flushing toilets and urinals, Redwood City is making the most of a precious resource while helping to meet the City’s long-term water conservation and supply goals.

The City’s elected officials have supported the Recycled Water Project from its inception and worked with City staff to embrace the goals and values of the project. Formation of the Community Task Force on Recycled Water in 2003 was instrumental in building community support for the Recycled Water Project. The effort was always viewed as being about preserving and being good stewards of the community’s crucial water resources, and of the environment. City leaders had the foresight to see that as a community, Redwood City needed to prepare for an era of limited water supplies, and the Recycled Water Project is critical in helping the City meet that challenge.

Physical construction of the Recycled Water Project started in 2005, consisting of tertiary-treatment facilities, two 2.2 million gallon storage tanks, a distribution pump station, and distribution pipelines spread all throughout Redwood Shores, the Greater Bayfront, and now to the Seaport area. The project was completed on schedule with a final cost of approximately $72 million. Since recycled water began flowing in 2007, Redwood City’s Recycled Water Project has helped save hundreds of millions of gallons of precious drinking water each year, and now with recycled water flowing to the Seaport area as Phase 1 comes to completion, those water savings will be even greater in the future.

Redwood City is now looking to the future and determining how best to reach its year 2015 recycled water delivery goals. As part of that effort, purple pipes, valves, and meters will migrate their way across Highway 101 into the City’s downtown, to be used for non-drinking purposes thus saving even more of our high-quality drinking water. For more information on Redwood City’s Recycled Water Project, visit, and to learn about the City’s many water conservation programs, go to

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Justin Ezell
Public Works Superintendent


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