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For Immediate Release
June 7, 2013

Malcolm Smith
Public Communications Manager

City Working to Improve Facilities, Enhance Safety, and Provide Stability at Docktown  

Redwood City, CA - Last March, Redwood City officially became the landlord of Docktown when the former marina operator terminated his lease with the property owners, as well as his permit with the City for management of the water area. This presented the opportunity for the City to improve the overall facilities, enhance safety, update the lease agreements, and provide the live-aboard tenants with continuing access to their boats and necessary services such as water, electricity, and waste disposal.

So far, the results of the City's role as the responsible steward of Docktown include a dependable source of services from the City's Public Works Division, the hiring of a marina manager to continue day-to-day operations, and improved safety and security through upgraded standards for facilities improvements including dock repair, safe electrical connections, repair of potholes, and security doors on common areas. At the same time, the City has been diligently working with the tenants to develop new, one-year lease agreements to replace the inconsistent month-to-month leases which have been in place - the first such modernized leases they have had in decades, and which are scheduled to go into effect in July.

"The City's goal has been to maintain the live-aboard tenancies and improve the conditions of the facilities," said Bob Bell, City Manager of Redwood City. "We did that in an immediate sense by bringing in a new manager and implementing a number of physical improvements. Now, through developing new, up-to-date leases, we are working to provide more certainty and consistency for the tenants."

The new lease agreements were developed through a number of meetings between the City and the tenants or their representatives, which resulted in hundreds of comments and ideas for the City to consider. Most of these ideas were incorporated into the lease agreements, and the final set of terms represents a fair and balanced legal relationship between the City and the Docktown residents, specifying reasonable safety, sanitary, and security expectations, and rent adjustments. Rents, which have been set inconsistently for many years, will now be equitable across the variety of tenants and sufficient to support the City's investment in the Docktown infrastructure.

The proposed leases also clarify all other elements of the use of the water and land areas, spell out the marina rules and regulations, and require insurance for the protection of the tenants, the neighboring property owners, and the City. By providing greater standards for maintenance of the marina area, coupled with the City's investment in facilities improvements, the entire Docktown site will be more safe and attractive. The City will continue to work with the tenants to assist in the transition into their new leases.

This year, the City is beginning work on an Inner Harbor Precise Plan process, which will engage the community in a discussion about the future of the Inner Harbor. The process will include discussions about the long-term future of the Docktown area and is expected to continue for a year or more.

With the Docktown land-area property currently for sale, such a plan will help guide any future development in the context of the community's and the City's vision for the area. In the meantime, the City's immediate goal is to implement improved lease agreements in order to continue to maintain the live-aboard tenancies at Docktown Marina.

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