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Youth Recreation Camps 2013

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Stulsaft | Kaboom | Whatchmacalit | High-5

bug week Nature Camps at Stulsaft Park

The ultimate setting for a classic summer camp experience. Explore, hike, sing, laugh, be creative, and get dirty in nature’s backyard.

Campers will gain an appreciation of nature through a variety of hands-on activities in one of our three unique camps. And we even have a creek! Campers should bring a sack lunch every day unless otherwise advised. Good walking shoes are a must.
Location: Stulsaft Park, 3737 Farm Hill Blvd. Redwood City

Click here for Camp Polliwog - ages 3-5

Tiny Timbers snack nature camp
Age 5-7
Monday-Friday - 9:00am-2:00pm
Campers should bring a sack lunch every day unless otherwise advised. Good walking shoes are a must. Tiny Timber parent hours are from 1-2pm on Fridays.

Experience all the natural wonders that Stulsaft has to offer as we
explore the fantastical stories that surround this wondrous park.

Come play with the critters, creepers, and crawlers of the forest.

Location: Stulsaft Park (right off of Goodwin Ave. on Recreation Way)

30.304 Myths & Legends 6/24-6/28 $172 / $192NR
30.303 Forest Friends 8/5-8/9 $172 / $192NR
MountaineersTHE MOUNTAINEERSsnack nature camp
Age 5-7: Junior Mountaineers
Age 8-12: Mighty Mountaineers
Monday-Friday - 9:00am-4:00pm
An all-day, all ages camp offering traditional summer camp activities including hiking, songs, skits, arts and crafts, games and sports, cooking, and non-stop outdoor fun. Junior and Mighty Mountaineers offer unique adventures for both younger and older campers to share in the natural setting that the park provides. Campers should bring a sack lunch every day unless otherwise advised. Good walking shoes are a must.
Location: Stulsaft Park (right off of Goodwin Ave. on Recreation Way)
30.320 Junior Mountaineers 7/1-7/5 no 7/4 $192 / $212NR
30.321 Junior Mountaineers 7/15-7/19 $238 / $258NR
30.322 Junior Mountaineers 7/29-8/2 $238 / $258NR
30.323 Junior Mountaineers 8/12-8/16 $238 / $258NR
30.324 Mighty Mountaineers 7/1-7/5 no 7/4 $192 / $212NR
30.325 Mighty Mountaineers 7/15-7/19 $238 / $258NR
30.326 Mighty Mountaineers 7/29-8/2 $238 / $258NR
30.327 Mighty Mountaineers 8/12-8/16 $238 / $258NR
Explorers snack nature camp overnightswim
Age 8-12
Monday-Friday - 9:00am-3:00pm

All sessions of Explorers include archery, a day at the pool, and an overnight stay in the park. For the overnighter the campers report to camp at 9am on Thursday and stay until 12 pm on Friday. Campers should bring a sack lunch every day unless otherwise advised. The parent hour for Explorers includes a family potluck as well as a performance given by staff and campers.
Parent hours are Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Location: Stulsaft Park (right off of Goodwin Ave. on Recreation Way)
30.301 CSI: Creek Side Investigators 7/8-7/12 $216 / $236 NR
30.302 Camping with the Stars 7/22-7/26 $216 / $236 NR

Camp Kaboom after caresnack lunch trip swim
Age 6-12
Monday-Friday - 7:30am*-5:00pm
New start time of 7:30am!
Red Morton
Camp Directors: TBA

Have a BLAST at KABOOM! There is no need to look any further, this camp has it all! Kaboom is a “one-stop shop” camp. For a very reasonable fee, kids will participate in activities including: a weekly field trip on Wednesday, Friday swimming, special events, sports, movies, and arts and crafts. In addition, we will provide two daily healthy snacks and a nutritious lunch each day. Camp Kaboom is on-site at the Red Morton Community Center, with its very own fenced in playground. Post care is available from 5-6pm at an additional cost.No camp 7/4.

$265 / $285NR (week of 7/1-7/5 $217/$237NR)
After Care is Available from 5-6pm for an extra fee - Click here.

Field Trip
70.329 Hawaiian Hoopla- Aloha! This week children will participate in Hawaiian inspired activities from
learning traditional Hawaiian dances to building volcanoes and understanding the science behind
what makes a volcano erupt.
6/24-6/28 Santa Cruz Beach
70.330 Going Green- Waste not; want not at Camp Kaboom this week as we learn about the importance of recycling and how to reuse everyday objects to make crafts, such as a lava lamp from a water bottle. 7/1-7/5
no 7/4
Sky High Sports
and a movie
70.331 A Glimpse into the Jungle- Ever wonder what it would be like to walk through the Amazon? This week we will explore the jungle, learn about the animals that live there, and experience the life
cycle of real butterflies.
7/8-7/12 The Jungle
70.332 Medieval Times- Journey with us to a time of knights and dragons! This week we will bring to life
legends from medieval times. Your child will create their own crests, and work together to write
their own legends to act out.
7/15-7/19 Great America
70.333 Treasure Hunters- Ahoy Matey! This week your little pirates will band together under their
own pirate flag and compete in a real treasure hunt, while learning the importance of good sportsmanship. They will also learn about Mancala, a treasure inspired game through a week
long tournament.
7/22-7/26 Laser Tag/Movie
70.334 Cruise Ships- Join us on a cruise around the world. Each day we will visit a different country,
explore different cultures, and do activities native to that part of the world.
7/29-8/2 Boat Ride
San Francisco
70.335 Game Show Mania- Hello, and welcome to Camp Kaboom! This week your child will A) Play
Jeopardy, B) Make their own board game, C) play Family Feud, or D) all of the above! If you guessed
D, you are correct. This week, everything is game show inspired, will teach team work and is sure
to be tons of fun!
8/5-8/9 Winchester
Mystery House
70.336 Aquatic Adventures- Get ready to dive in! This week at Camp Kaboom we will have a wide array
of water activities, from learning about the water cycle to playing Slip n’ Slide. Make sure to pack
a bathing suit and towel, because this week is FULL of aquatic fun!
8/12-8/16 Raging Waters
70.337 Creative Campers- Imagination is key this week as campers will explore basic concept of art from mosaics to ceramics, to learning how colors mix by making tie-dye shirts. 8/19-8/23 Color Me Mine/
Burgess Park
Camp Whatchamacalit after care snack trip swim redwood shores
Age 6-12
Monday-Friday - 8:00am*-5:00pm
Location: Sandpiper
New start time of 8am!
Camp Director: Cesar Zuniga
What do you call a camp that has everything? We couldn’t think of a name either! Whatchamacalit has something for kid looking for a fun and safe place to spend their summer in the Shores. Activities include weekly field trip, special events, sports, movies, arts and crafts. Kids will go swimming at Herkner Pool in Redwood City on Tuesdays and field trips will be on Wednesdays. Bring a bag lunch and wear plenty of sunscreen and sneakers. Field trips
subject to change. No camp on 7/4.

$250 / $270 NR (week of 7/1, $207/$227 NR)
After Care is Available from 5-6pm for an extra fee - Click here.
Field Trip
30.350 Flight Zone - Don’t sit at home all summer staring out the window. Learn to fly without wings and
soar through the clouds with your feet on the ground. Enjoy setting your mind free as we explore
the world of flight.
6/24-6/28 Great America
30.351 Around the Color Wheel - Who ever said the world is black and white? Splash in some color and
live it up. Let your creativity and imagination run wild as we guild you to paint a picture of the world
the way it should be painted… YOUR WAY!
no 7/4
Color me Mine
30.352 Camp of Champs - Celebrate the amazing World Series season with a week of team spirit, challenges
and competition testing your teamwork and wit and especially your ability to have FUN!
7/8-7/12 SF Giants Game
30.353 Mission Possible - Dreamed of being in the movies? Get ready to be discovered… at camp! Take
your ability to new heights and have fun with us. Actor, dancer, singer… or maybe camp leader?
Come and bring your wildest dreams and remember anything is possible.
7/15-7/19 Six Flags
30.354 Wave Riders - Summer without water is like peanut butter without jelly. Come splash your way into a soaking good time with a week that will certainly knock your floaties off. 7/22-7/26 Raging Waters
30.355 An Ocean of Discovery - 70 percent of the earth is covered by water so come dive right in and get a glimpse of a world we rarely see. Learn about the mystery of the ocean and the fascinations that
come with it as we take you to a place full of wonders and discovery.
7/29-8/2 Marine Science
30.356 Crawling with Critters - Lions and tiger and bears… oh my! It’s a jungle out there and we are bringing
them to camp. Take a look at the animal kingdom up close and personal and see what it’s like to
be an animal yourself. Which one are you?
8/5-8/9 Coyote Point
30.357 Game Game Revolution - tired of the same old game? Well let’s drop it, flip it and turn it inside
out as we take those games we’ve come to love and revolutionized them into something new. See
if you recognize them now.
8/12-8/16 Laser Tag/
30.358 The Wild Bunch - Come kick it with us in style and enjoy the summer the way it should be, with
excitement. We’ll take the word “WILD” and unleash it all over as we let your energy and our camp
join forces into a spectacular fun filled week.
8/19-8/23 Rockin’ Jump
30.359 Best of the Best (overnighter on Thursday) - Let’s end this summer the right way, with an explosion of our very best. Games, crafts, sports and more, come join us while we say goodbye to summer with a blast of the past weeks greatest activities and much, much more! 8/26-8/30

Overnighter at Sandpiper


hi 5 campHIGH-5 CAMP snack
Ages 4-7 Now accepting 4 year olds!
Monday-Friday - 9:00am-12:00pm
Location: CAB
Camp Director: Edna Lising
Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Bring your curiosity and check out our newest camp, High-5. We will explore fun activities to enrich your learning. From building projects to cooking and science experiments; Camp High-5 will blend traditional summer games, art & crafts with exciting, in-depth, hands on theme based projects.

30.370 Journey to Outer Space
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off into outer space with a rocket that you design!! Campers learn what it’s like to be an astronaut, how stars are formed and plant the seeds of the next generation of rocket scientists.
6/24-6/28 $155 / $175NR
30.371 Creation Station
Have you ever wondered how much weight a bridge can hold or how a building is made? Tap into your engineering skills as we explore concepts of physics, architecture & structural engineering by building
cities, bridges, cars & more using Legos and other building materials.
no 7/4
$130 / $150NR
30.372 A Bug's Life
Be dazzled by dirt and critters, inspired by plants and fresh veggies, Campers will learn about the importance of plants in our lives by growing their own gardens.
7/8-7/12 $155 / $175NR
30.373 Silly Science
Mix it, Squish it, Squeeze it, Smoosh it; Campers will blend together messy & sticky concoctions while learning about their scientific properties. Be prepared to have a messy kid covered in goo.
7/15-7/19 $155 / $175NR
30.374 Young Actors
Do you dream of standing in the spotlight on opening night or hearing the applause of an audience? Imagine yourself sharing your dreams with kids just like you who love theater and the performing arts. Take the stage as we prepare & perform a short play.
7/22-7/26 $155 / $175NR
30.375 Sports FUNdamentals
Dribble, pass, shoot, and score! Kids with gold-medal ambitions hone their skills through clinics, practices and games. Rather than focusing on a specific sport, campers are treated to a wide variety
of experiences and a different sport each day.
7/29-8/2 $155 / $175NR
30.376 Top Chef
Come & taste the adventure brewing during this camp. Campers will explore the different areas of culinary arts from knife skills to sautéing & baking. By the end of the week, your child will be the next Top Chef!
8/5-8/9 $155 / $175NR
30.377 Land Before Time
Aspiring paleontologists pack your shovels and be on the look-out as we hunt for fossils and dinosaur bones. Campers will explore pre-historic land and learn about the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
8/12-8/16 $155 / $175NR

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