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Youth Sports Camps 2013

Baseball | Basketball | Cheerleading | Fencing | Flag Foootball | Golf | Gymnastics | Horsemanship | Ice Skating | Multi Sport | Rock Climbing
Running |Skateboarding | Soccer |
Tennis |Volleyball

baseball campMike Roza Baseball Camp
Age 6-12 aftercare
with Mike Roza, 15 years Professional instruction, Varsity Pitching Coach at Sequoia High School, Serra High Hall of Fame. For bio & questions visit or call 650-440-0996 and staff.
This baseball school is one of the Top Programs in Northern California, with Mike Roza, the Pioneer of Professional Instruction. Camp is designed for beginners through experienced players. Players will be grouped by age and ability in a small group format, with lots of individual attention. Our defensive and offensive drills are proven and used daily in camp. Learn the fundamentals of infield, outfield, pitching, hitting, bunting, running the bases, and have fun playing games. Parents, don’t miss this! Campers should bring Baseball Bat, Baseball , Glove, Hat, Cleats, Shoes, Sunscreen, Lots of Water, Snacks, and a Big Lunch
Location: Red Morton Park, Kiwanis/Mitchell Field

16.379 M-F 9am-3pm 7/15-7/19 $225 / $245 NR
16.380 M-F 9am-3pm 7/29-8/2 $225 / $245 NR
16.381 M-F 9am-3pm 8/12-8/16 $225 / $245 NR

baseballAll Baseball All the Time (ABATT) aftercare
Age 5-13
A.B.A.T.T. instructors are trained in coaching youth sports, have rich baseball credentials, and include young volunteers, high-school players, Division 1 college players, and even professional level baseball players. Instructor Profiles can be viewed on the Instructors Tab at
A.B.A.T.T. (All Baseball All The Time) is a fantastic summer program dedicated to teaching kids about the game of baseball. We focus little on the results of players or games, but instead on the process of playing the game. Drills, scrimmages, and fun baseball related games happen daily. We care about the baseball related futures of campers, but more importantly concentrate on the positive experience that playing baseball can bring to a child including the following: Teamwork, Building Confidence, Discipline, Developing New Skills, Building New Friendships.

A.B.A.T.T. is unique because we accommodate first time players, as young as 5 years old, up to high school level players. We do this by focusing on the building blocks of Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, and Running with small groups according to skill level. In addition to the basics, we teach advanced aspects of the game if players are ready and willing. Campers should bring a packed lunch, baseball bat, glove, and hat. Please contact Zack Turner with any questions or concerns 650.556.3963,

Location: Red Morton Park, Kiwanis/Mitchell Field

16.385 M-F 9am-3pm 7/22-7/26 $205 / $225 NR
16.386 M-F 9am-3pm 8/5-8/9 $205 / $225 NR

basketball boyLegarza Basketball Camp new  snack
Age 5-9 & 10-14
BIGGER THAN BASKETBALL: Our goal is for all campers to work hard and feel good about themselves in a safe, disciplined, highly structured and motivated environment of learning and fun. We place the child and his or her personal development ahead of the game. Positive encouragement and measured improvement in the fundamental skills are trademarks of our camp, as well as players learning to work together in a team setting while playing games and tournaments. All of our camps offer a solid foundation of fundamental skill development for beginning players and a strong challenge for advanced players. We use a Mastery Orientation of teaching, which celebrates effort as much as achievement and focuses on personal development, learning and improving. Our teaching progression takes into account age and skill differences. Players are grouped by age, sex, ability and personal request. Please wear athletic shoes and proper clothing. A peanut free snack will be provided each day. Feel free to bring any additional water or snacks you’d like.
Location: RMCC Gym


Half Day AMM
$175 / $195 NR

Half DayPMM
$185 / $205 NR
Full Day*M
$350 / $370 NR
Age 5-9 M-F 7/15-7/19 16.316 16.317 16.318
Age 10-14 M-F 8/5-8/9 16.319 16.320 16.321

*Camp Drop-off begins at 8am. Supervision & activities will be provided, however actual basketball play will not be available until 8:45am, camp begins at 9am.


Little Hoopers Camp
basketballAge 4-5
with 1 on 1 Basketball
Come join the staff from One on One Basketball for an exciting week of basketball. This non-competetive camp will introduce players to basic fundamentals such as dribbling, passing, catching and shooting. One on One coaches have extensive experience working with pre-school age children and will also focus on motor skill development and hand-eye coordination. Games will include Sharks and Minnows, PacMan and Steal the Bacon. Come out and PLAY! Please bring a water bottle and a peanut-free snack.
Location: RMCC Gym

16.301 Cancelled M-F 9am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $175 / $195 NR

Skyhawks Cheerleading Camp new shores
Age 6-12
with Skyhawks Sports Camps
Skyhawks cheerleading teaches young athletes all the essential skills to lead the crowd and support the home team. Skyhawks’ cheer camp will ensure that each camper will learn cheers, proper hand and body movements as well as jumping techniques. There is no stunting, just a big focus on fun while each cheerleader learns important life skills such as teambuilding and leadership. The week concludes with a choreographed performance and a chance to cheer at a Skyhawks football tournament!
All participants receive a t-shirt and a merit award. The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 8:1. Participants should bring appropriate clothing, snacks, a water bottle, athletic shoes and sunscreen.
Location: SCC

13.304 M-F 9am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $152 / $172 NR

fencerBeginning Fencing Camp
Age 6-13
with Peninsula Fencing Academy, Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance
Students will have a fun introduction to the sport of fencing! Coaches Chris and Jay strive to make each day as fun and exciting as possible for these new fencers. Each day consists of warm up games, team building exercises, fencing drills, and bouting. Along with the fencing specific training, kids will also experience comprehensive Neurology based sensory integration training to improve their vision, coordination, flexibility, body awareness, and overall athleticism. Over the course of the week kids will watch video of Olympic fencing, and be introduced to electric fencing. There will be a demonstration and BBQ the final afternoon that families are encourages to attend. Lab Fee: $20 payable to instructor at 1st class for equipment rental. Post care available for $10 per day, for info call 650.592.1619 or email
Location: Peninsula Fencing Academy, 835 E San Carlos Ave., Ste B, San Carlos

16.394 FULL M-F 9am-3pm 7/15-7/19 $350 • 5 days
16.395 M-F 9am-3pm 7/29-8/2 $350 • 5 days
16.396 M-F 9am-3pm 8/12-8/16 $350 • 5 days

Star Wars Camp: Lightsaber Training
Age 6-13
with Peninsula Fencing Academy, Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance
Students learn to lightsaber fighting techniques as well as other forms of “Jedi training.” Coaches Chris and Jay teach a combination of sport fencing, traditional martial arts, stage combat, and neurology based body control and awareness that give students the most realistic Jedi experience possible while improving their vision, body awareness, flexibility and athleticism. Students will spend half the day using lightsabers learning fighting techniques, while spending the rest of the day working on Sensory Integration Training. This includes vision, auditory, balance, and body awareness drills that will help them perform “Jedi Maneuvers” like navigating obstacle courses, and performing stealth objectives. Lab Fee: $20 payable to instructor at 1st class for equipment rental. Post care available for $10 per day, for info call 650.592.1619 or email
Location: Peninsula Fencing Academy, 835 E San Carlos Ave., Ste B, San Carlos

16.391 M-F 9am-3pm 7/8-7/12 $350 • 5 days
16.392 FULL M-F 9am-3pm 7/22-7/26 $350 • 5 days
16.393 FULL M-F 9am-3pm 8/5-8/9 $350 • 5 days
 Flag Football

flag footballSkyhawks Flag Football Camp
Age 6-12
With Skyhawks Sports Academy
Skyhawks flag football is the perfect program for your young athletes who want a complete introduction to America’s Game or for those who simply want to brush up on their skills in preparation for league play. Through our ‘skill of the day’ campers will learn skills on both sides of the ball including the core componets of passing, catching, and de-flagging or defensive positioning -all presented in a fun & positive environment. The week ends with the Skyhawks Sports Bowl, giving participants a chance to showcase their skills on the gridiron! All participants receive a t-shirt and a merit award. The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 8:1. Participants should bring appropriate clothing, snacks, a water bottle, running shoes and sunscreen.

13.377 M-F 9am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $171 / $191NR Sandpiper Field redwood shores

Skyhawks Beginning Golf
Age 5-9
with Skyhawks Sports Academy
Skyhawks Golf focuses on building the confidence of young athletes through proper technique and refining the essential skills of the game. As we know, golf is a challenging and lifelong sport, so young athletes need proper focus on the fundamentals of form, swinging, putting, and body positioning. To assist in this training, Skyhawks has adopted the SNAG (Starting New At Golf) system to its curriculum. Developed by PGA professionals, SNAG is specifically designed for the entry-level player; SNAG simplifies instruction so that young players can make an easy & effective transition onto the golf course. No need to bring your own clubs, all equipment is provided. For safety reasons, we use special helmets for all campers and keep the instructor to camper ratio low, resulting in maximum instruction time. Participants should bring appropriate clothing, snacks, a water bottle, running shoes and sunscreen. All participants receive a t-shirt and a merit award. the participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 8:1.

13.370 M-F 9am-12pm 6/24-6/28 $152 / $172 NR Sandpiper Field redwood shores

golfJunior Golf Camp lunch snack
Age 5-14yrs
with Emerald Hills Golf Staff
Camp starts at 9:00 but you can drop off as early as 8:45! Orientation will be on Monday at 9:00am, and this is an opportunity for us to get to know the campers and for the campers to learn camp rules and expectations and meet their counselors. Throughout the camp they will be taught the skills of putting, chipping, bunker shots, driving and midrange game. We will take them into our driving range where they will be able to fine tune their swings. We believe the best way for young golfers to learn is by allowing them to play on a real golf course, as opposed to just a driving range. At the same time we can also teach them golf etiquette which is very important to use on a golf course. Hot Lunch is served daily for all campers and snacks will be provided at aftercare. Bring your own equipment or rent clubs at Emerald Hills Golf Course.

Any Questions please call or email Emerald Hills Golf Course at 650.368.7820 or

After Care 12:30-5pm:
During this time, your child can continue to golf with an instructor, swim in the pool (Certified Lifeguards on Duty), or there are other relaxing golf games for them to play.

Location: Emerald Hills Golf Course, 938 Wilmington Way Redwood City, California 94062

Golf Camp Fee: $275
After Care: $240

6/17-6/21 16.334 16.343
6/24-6/28 16.335 16.344
7/8-7/12 16.336 16.345
7/15-7/19 16.337 16.346
7/22-7/26 16.338 16.347
7/29-8/2 16.339 16.348
8/5-8/9 16.340 16.349
8/12-8/16 16.341 16.350
8/19-8/23 16.342 16.351


Gymnastics Camps at Bayshore Elite
Age 3-12
Our camps are filled with gymnastics, crafts, and lots of fun! Tuesdays & Thursdays are Park Days for Full Day Campers, Thursdays are Park Days for Half Day Campers. Please send your child with a healthy snack and/or a lunch for full day campers! Fridays are Parents Days, where parents get to come and participate from 11am to 12pm. (**NOTE: If parents are unable to attend Parents Day, please let the Bayshore Elite Staff know by the Thursday of that week!) ALL CAMPS END ON FRIDAY AT NOON! We have a special day planned and would like for you to join us for the skits!

after careBefore & After Care is available through Bayshore Elite. All campers must be potty trained.
Location: Bayshore Elite 2163 Roosevelt Ave., Redwood City, CA 94061


Half Day
Age 3-12

Full Day
Age 6-12
Safety Heros 6/24-6/28 31.307 FULL 31.383
Backyard Boogie 7/8-7/12 31.308 FULL 31.384
Pirates and Princesses 7/15-7/19 31.309 FULL 31.385
Kids Challenge 7/22-7/26 31.310 FULL 31.386
Wild & Wacky Week 7/29-8/2 31.311 31.387
Fun in the Jungle 8/5-8/9 31.312 31.388
Photo Fun
8/12-8/16 31.313 31.389
Under the Sea 8/19-8/23 31.314 31.390
Last Hoorah 8/26-8/30 31.317 31.391


Gymnastics Camps at San Mateo Gymnastics
kids hanging from ringsAge 3½-13
Come and join us for a week filled with gymnastics, arts and crafts, gymnastics games, and LOTS OF FUN! Campers will put on a show for family and friends at the end of each week. All campers will need to bring a healthy snack and Full Day Campers need to bring a lunch. A second snack will be provided by the camp for the campers staying until 6pm. Campers staying from 3-6pm will have fun with arts and crafts, games, and other non gymnastics activities! EARLY DROP OFF 8-9am $5/day. AFTERCARE from 12:00-1:00 for 3 ½-5 years… $25.00 per week-children bring a lunch. After-Care Registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to camp start date. Showtime is every Friday at 11:45 AM for Munchkins and 2:30 pm for Boys and Girls. ALL CAMPERS MUST BE POTTY-TRAINED
Location: San Mateo Gymnastics, 1306 Elmer St., Belmont

Age 3½-5
Age 3½-5
$25 after care
Age 6-13

Age 6-13

Post Care
Age 6-13

snack after care

Jungle 6/17-6/21 31.315 31.392 31.323 FULL 31.331 31.339
Western 6/24-6/28 31.316 31.393 31.324 FULL 31.332 31.340
I Spy Week 7/8-7/12 31.318 31.394 31.326 FULL 31.334 31.342
Hawaiian 7/15-7/19 31.319 31.395 31.327 FULL 31.335 31.343
Circus 7/22-7/26 31.320 FULL 31.396 31.328 FULL 31.336 31.344
Olympics 7/29-8/2 31.321 FULL 31.397 31.329 FULL 31.337 FULL 31.345
Disney 8/5-8/9 31.322 FULL 31.398 31.330 FULL 31.338 31.346

springdown campersSummer Horsemanship Camp
Age 6+
with Springdown Equestrian Center
(650) 851-1114

Spend two weeks with horses at our fun filled camp. Camp activities include safety around horses, grooming and tacking up, exercising horses, horse psychology - and of course, RIDING! Riding ability will be evaluated the first day and continue to be re-evaluated to keep your camper learning at just the right level. Extra special Fridays include Game Day, and fun Horse Show! Medical and release forms required for all campers and must be received at Spring Down two weeks prior to the start of the camp session. These can be found on our website www. under the camp section. Note: Aftercare available through Springdown
Location: SDEC, 725 Portola Rd., Portola Valley

16.389 CLOSED M-F 9am-1pm 6/17-6/28 $750 • 10 days
16.390 M-F 9am-1pm 7/8-7/19 $750 • 10 days
16.397 M-F 9am-1pm 7/22-8/2 $750 • 10 days
16.398 M-F 9am-1pm 8/5-8/16 $750 • 10 days
16.399 M-F 9am-1pm 8/19-8/30 $750 • 10 days
 Ice Skating

ice skateBeginning Ice Skating Camp
Age 6-12
with Nazareth Ice Oasis
Come stay cool in the summer time with our Beginning Ice Skating Summer camp. We spend part of the time on the ice learning ice skating basics and part off the ice stretching and learning more about ice skating!! Snacks and a tee shirt are provided. No prior skating experience needed.
Location: Nazareth Ice Oasis 3140 Bay Road, Redwood City

16.310 M-F 8:45am-12pm 6/24-6/28 $260
16.311 M-F 8:45am-12pm 8/5-8/9 $260
 Multi Sport Camps

skyhawksSkyhawks Mini-Hawk Camp
Age 4-7
With Skyhawks Sports Academy
For more information, please visit
This multi-sport program was developed to give 4 to 7 year-olds a positive first step into athletics. Soccer, Baseball & Basketball are taught in a safe, structured environment filled with encouragement and fun. Through games and activities, campers explore balance, hand/eye coordination, and skill development at their own pace. All participants receive a t-shirt and a merit award. The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 6:1 Participants should bring appropriate clothing, two snacks, a water bottle, running shoes and sunscreen.

13.373 M-F 9am-12pm 6/24-6/28 $152 / $172 NR McGarvey Field
13.374 M-F 9am-12pm 7/8-7/12 $152 / $172 NR McGarvey Field
13.375 M-F 9am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $152 / $172 NR Sandpiper Field redwood shores
13.376 M-F 9am-12pm 8/12-8/16 $152 / $172 NR Sandpiper Field redwood shores

footballSkyhawks MultiSport Camp after care
Age 6-12
With Skyhawks Sports Academy
Multi-Sport camps are designed to introduce young athletes to a variety of different sports in one setting. For this program we combine 2-3 sports into one fun-filled week. Athletes will learn the rules and essentials of each sport through skill-based games and scrimmages. By the end of the week, your child will walk away with knowledge of (2 or 3) new sports along with vital life lessons such as respect, teamwork, and self-discipline. This program is designed to motivate children to lead a healthy, active lifestyle while giving them the fundamental skill sets needed to succeed and grow in any sport they choose. All participants receive a t-shirt and a merit award. The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 8:1 Participants should bring appropriate clothing, lunch, snacks, a water bottle, running shoes, baseball glove (if appropriate) and sunscreen.

Monday-Friday $182 / $202NR
13.379 baseball, soccer, basketball 9am-3pm 7/8-7/12 Bechet / Griffen
13.380 soccer, basketball, flag football 9am-3pm 8/12-8/16 Sandpiper Field redwood shores
 Indoor Rock Climbing Camp

planet graniteIndoor Rock Climbing Camp
Age 5-13
with Planet Granite
Kids are just natural born climbers. This program is an excellent opportunity for kids to challenge themselves mentally and physically in a safe and supportive team environment. Planet Granite T-shirt included. Parents MUST attend first class with minor to sign release paperwork.
Location: Planet Granite, 100 El Camino Real, Belmont. (650)591-3030

16.369 FULL M-F 10am-12pm 6/17-6/24 $125 • 5 days
16.370 FULL M-F 10am-12pm 6/24-6/28 $125 • 5 days
16.371 M-F 10am-12pm 7/1-7/5 $125 • 5 days
16.372 FULL M-F 10am-12pm 7/8-7/12 $125 • 5 days
16.373 FULL M-F 10am-12pm 7/15-7/19 $125 • 5 days
M-F 10am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $125 • 5 days
16.375 M-F 10am-12pm 7/29-8/2 $125 • 5 days
16.376 FULL M-F 10am-12pm 8/5-8/9 $125 • 5 days
16.377 FULL M-F 10am-12pm 8/12-8/16 $125 • 5 days
16.378 M-F 10am-12pm 8/19-8/23 $125 • 5 days

runner Future Olympians Track & Field Program
Age 7-12
with James Luttrell
James Luttrell, track coach at Woodside High School, and a staff of expert track and field coaches, will provide instruction for boys and girls in this week long Track & Field Camp. Students must attend 3 out of 4 practice sessions to participate in the Championship Meet. Participants
must be under age 13 as of 7/27 to participate in the Championship Meet. Awards will be given after the meet on Friday.
Location: Woodside High School track, just west of Woodside Rd. & Alameda

19.300 M-Th 5:30-7pm 7/22-7/25 $80 • 5 days
F 5-8:45pm 7/26

NBYouth Running Day Camp
Age 12-18
with Bay Area Running Camp - former Stanford Women’s Cross Country Coach Dena Evans, Crystal Springs Uplands School Cross Country / Track & Field Coach Albert Caruana, and Staff
Join us for our third summer on the beautiful trails in Portola Valley. We’ll run in small groups on soft surfaces, and hear from excellent clinicians about nutrition, injury prevention, running form, and much more! New Balance shoes are included with registration for all campers. Take a few days and kick-start your running for the upcoming season or goal event. Bay Area Running Camp - Next Year Begins Here!
Location: Woodside Priory School, 302 Portola Rd, Portola Valley

16.302 M-F 8am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $300 Woodside Priory School

skateboard_campSociety Skateboarding Summer Camp
Grades K-8th
with Society Skateboarding Staff
Skateboarding camps are a great place to get skateboarding lessons, challenge yourself to become a better skateboarder and learn new tricks. Skateboard camps are also great places to make new friends and build self-confidence. Enjoy this awesome sport with a focus on skateboarding safety, fundamentals, technique as well as balance and coordination offered by Society experienced skateboarding instructors. Each session will consist of skateboarding lessons, snack time, game time and playtime. Children will receive a T-Shirt and 10% discount at Society on safety gear. Please bring Skateboard and Helmet (required), Water Bottle and a Snack. Safety Pads are strongly recommended. Parents must sign waiver form with registration.
Location: Phil Shao Memorial Skate Park

Grades K-3 FULL 16.352 M-F 9am-12pm 6/17-6/21 $170 / $190 NR
Grades 3-8 16.353 M-F 9am-12pm 6/24-6/28 $170 / $190 NR
Grades K-3 FULL 16.354 M-F 9am-12pm 7/29-8/2 $170 / $190 NR
Grades 3-8 16.355 M-F 9am-12pm 8/5-8/9 $170 / $190 NR
Grades K-3 new 16.356 M-F 9am-12pm 8/19-8/23 $170 / $190 NR

scooterScooter Camp new
Age 6-12
with Action Skatepark Staff
Kids will be working on their balance, riding style and various tricks that are fun and easy to learn. Campers will learn from some of the top scooter riders in the Bay! Campers must bring their own scooter, pads and helmet. Extended Care Available through Action.
Location: Action Skatepark, 887A Industrial Rd. San Carlos (map)

16.323 M-F 9am-12pm 6/17-6/21 $179
16.324 M-F 9am-12pm 6/24-6/28 $179
16.325 M-F 9am-12pm 7/8-7/12 $179
16.326 M-F 9am-12pm 7/15-7/19 $179
16.327 M-F 9am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $179
16.328 M-F 9am-12pm 7/29-8/2 $179
16.329 M-F 9am-12pm 8/5-8/9 $179
16.330 M-F 9am-12pm 8/12-8/16 $179
16.331 M-F 9am-12pm 8/19-8/23 $179

action logoSkateboard/ Scooter Arts & Film Workshop
Age 6-12
with Action Skatepark Staff
In the Skateboard/Scooter art and film function you will be learning about all the different types of video and still cameras, editing software as well as hands on filming and editing. By the end of the course you will have complete confidence in filming and creating your own videos. Extended Hours Available.
Location: Action Skatepark, 887A Industrial Rd. San Carlos (map)

16.306 M-F 9am-12pm 6/24-6/28 $179
16.307 M-F 9am-12pm 7/15-7/19 $179
16.308 M-F 9am-12pm 7/29-8/2 $179
16.309 M-F 9am-12pm 8/19-8/23 $179

kidz love soccer logoKidz Love Soccer Camp
Age 4½-10
Spend a week enjoying the world’s most popular sport in a fun, recreational environment. Learn and practice soccer skills including: dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting and defense. Everyone is a winner as the week’s fun culminates in an age-appropriate “World Cup” tournament. All full-day campers will stay for lunch and more soccer fun in the afternoon. Each day we will reinforce the skills we learned by ending the day with a full soccer match.

All campers will receive a soccer ball and soccer jersey. Half-day campers should bring a full water bottle and a healthy snack. All-day campers should bring a full water bottle (1.5 liter minimum) a healthy snack and a bag lunch. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST WEAR SHIN GUARDS. Soccer shoes and sunscreen are recommended.
Location: Mitchell Field, Red Morton Park


Half Day
$139 / $159 NR

Full Day
$219 / $239NR
4½-6Y 6/17-6/21
31.360 31.363 CANCELLED
7-8Y 6/17-6/21
31.361 31.364 CANCELLED
9-10yrs 6/17-6/21
31.362 31.365 CANCELLED
4½-6Y 7/8-7/12 31.366 31.380 (Age 5-6 only)
7-8Y 7/8-7/12 31.367 31.381
9-10yrs 7/8-7/12 31.368 31.382

challenger soccerChallenger Sports British Soccer Camp
Experience the Magic of British Soccer Camp
Age 3-14
British Soccer Camps provide players of all ages and abilities with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international experts. Each day includes individual foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a daily tournament. Equally important, the Challenger coaching staff provides your child with lessons in respect, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship and leadership.

Host a coach for the week of camp and you and your family will not only receive a cultural insight into international life, but also an $80 rebate!

Mini Soccer (Age 3-5):
A fun introduction to the very basic elements of the game.

Half Day Player Development (Age 6-14):
Emphasis is placed upon individual skill development, core techniques and small sided games.

Full Day Development (Age 8-14): aftercare
A more advanced camp for serious players which focuses on game related techniques, tactical development and coached match play. Bring your own lunch.

Camp programs include a free ball and shirt and a free British Soccer jersey for on line registrations 45 days prior to camp!

Location: Red Morton Park, Bechet/Griffin Field

31.351 FULL Mini Soccer 3-5yrs M-F 9-10:30am 7/22-7/26 $138 / $158 NR
31.359 Mini Soccer 3-5yrs M-F 10:30am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $138 / $158 NR
31.352 Half Day 6-10yrs M-F 9am-12pm 7/22-7/26 $165 / $185 NR
31.353 Half Day 11-14yrs M-F 1-4pm 7/22-7/26 $165 / $185 NR
31.354 Full Day 8-14yrs M-F 9am-4pm 7/22-7/26 $246 / $266 NR
31.355 Mini Soccer 3-5yrs M-F 9-10:30am 8/5-8/9 $138 / $158 NR
31.356 Half Day 6-10yrs M-F 9am-12pm 8/5-8/9 $165 / $185 NR
31.357 Half Day 11-14yrs M-F 1-4pm 8/5-8/9 $165 / $185 NR
31.358 Full Day 8-14yrs M-F 9am-4pm 8/5-8/9 $246 / $266 NR

AYSO UK International Soccer Camp after care

Camps are now being accepted in After-Care sign up here.
Age 5-14ayso
AYSO Community Day Camps create an environment that is fun and conducive to learning for all ages and levels of ability, and does it on the fields the kids already know and love. With solid grounding in AYSO’s philosophies and coaching programs, AYSO Soccer Camps
work with kids on skills and activities appropriate to their age and skill level. AYSO Soccer Camps are conducted by the best nationally and internationally qualified coaches recruited and trained by UK International Soccer Camps. UK International is the only organization whose coaches, primarily from Great Britain, are safe haven
certified, AYSO Coach Instructors and trained in AYSO philosophies. Coaches are selected not only for their knowledge and their coaching ability, but also for their commitment to creating a fun, positive learning environment for the players. The result is a soccer camp experience players will remember for a lifetime. The AYSO Soccer Camp curriculum has been developed by AYSO in conjunction with some of the highest-level camp trainers in the country, and is approved by AYSO National. All camp sessions are based on individual attention to ball skills, as well as fun games to put those skills into practice and develop teamwork. Players are encouraged to express themselves in order to develop confidence and individual creativity on the field.

Please bring: A soccer ball with your name on it, Shingaurds, plenty to drink, sunscreen and a snack. If you are attending the full day camp you will also need to bring lunch.

Half Day
Age 5-14
Full Day
Age 7-14
M-F 6/24-6/28 31.369 31.375 Bechet/Griffen
M-F 7/8-7/12 31.370 31.376 Hawes
M-F 7/22-7/26


31.377 Hawes
M-F 7/29-8/2 31.372 31.378 Bechet/Griffen
M-F 8/12-8/16 31.373 31.379 Bechet/Griffen

For more information please contact Kieran Brennan email:


tennis ballYouth Tennis Camps
Age 5-14
Taught by the staff of Stanford Tennis Coach John Whitlinger and USPTA Professional Tom Sarsfield.
Our popular tennis camps for novice to low intermediate players emphasizes stroke FUNdamentals with dynamic games and exciting drills. Each camp will have the appropriate court size and tennis balls for their age group. Two courts grouped by ability. Please sign up early!
Location: RMCC Tennis Courts 1 & 2

5-7yrs 16.358 FULL
8-10yrs 16.359
5-7yrs 16.360
11-14yrs 16.361
5-7yrs 16.362
8-10yrs 16.363
8-10yrs 16.364
11-14yrs 16.365

tennis boy stockMTA Quickstart Tennis Camp
Age 4-10
with Phil McKenney & Staff
MTA offers an inviting, low-pressure program, designed for kids to learn tennis and to have a great time playing. the camp helps kids grow, not only in athletically, but also socially and emotionally. Drills and games focus on developing agility, balance and coordination (ABCs) while also teaching the importance of life lessons, such as teamwork, effort and friendship. MTA adheres to the U.S. Tennis Association-sanctioned Quickstart program using smaller raquets, slower balls and smaller court sizes appropriate for every age. Rackets are provided. Wear sunscreen and tennis shoes with non-marking soles. Fee includes T-shirt. Instructor/student ratio is about 5:1
Location: Mezes Park Tennis Courts

4-6Y 16.304 M-F 1-2pm 7/15-7/19 $135 / $155 NR • 5 days
7-10Y 16.305 M-F 2:30-4pm 7/15-7/19 $175 / $195 NR • 5 days

volleyballSkyhawks Volleyball Camp new
Age 8-13
with Skyhawks Sports
Skyhawks Sports Volleyball takes the fun and excitement of a great team sport and delivers it in an appealing and engaging way. All the aspects of the game are developed in a series of drills and exercises focusing on passing, setting, hitting, and serving. This co-ed program helps each athlete develop the fundamental skills of the game through game-speed drills and scrimmages aimed at developing the whole player. All participants receive a t-shirt and a merit award. The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 8:1. Appropriate clothing, snacks, knee pads (recommended), water bottle and athletic shoes.
Location: RMCC Gym

13.305 M-F 9am-12pm 7/29-8/2 $160/$180NR

volleyball girlsVolleyball Camp after care
Entering 4th-8th Grade
with Woodside High School Volleyball Coaches
Redwood City Parks & Recreation has partnered with Woodside High School to offer you an exciting volleyball camp this summer for boys and girls. Instruction in the basic fundamentals of passing, setting, hitting and overhand serving will be stressed for all grades. Camp instructors will be experienced, energetic and highly-motivated coaches. Players will have fun, while working hard in a positive environment and will leave each day a better volleyball player! Space is limited! Knee pads recommended. Scholarships Available! Contact Erin Niemeyer for more info.
Registration Deadline, August 2, 2013.

Location: RMCC Gym

4th-5th Graders 46.302 M-F 9am-12pm 8/12-8/16 $95 / $114 NR
6th-8th Graders 46.303 M-F 1-4pm 8/12-8/16 $95 / $114 NR

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