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"On Broadway" Retail-Cinema Project

The movie-going experience used to be an exciting event, creating a sense of anticipation as the whole family would get ready to go downtown to have a meal and enjoy a show. Today, a trip to the movies usually involves getting into your car and driving down the freeway to a huge, bleak parking lot. Is that as good as it gets?

Building a movie theater in the heart of Redwood City’s downtown offers the opportunity to go back to a different time, when a night out on the town was truly an event to be remembered and was accompanied by shopping and dining, punctuated by chance encounters with neighbors and fellow citizens.

The "On Broadway" project has created just such an experience in Downtown Redwood City. In the tradition of the grand movie palaces of another era, the new Century Theatres reverses the trend of blank-walled, massive multiplexes by adopting a unique layout and architectural expression that has allowed it to be integrated into the surrounding context of Downtown Redwood City.

Architecturally, the building draws inspiration from historic Downtown buildings, while also creating a fresh and new addition to the area. In order to deal with the large site, the project architects have broken the façade into multiple sections, each with its own unique look, ensuring that the building blends into Redwood City’s historic Downtown. To ensure that the project creates lively and active streetlife, its parameter is wrapped with a rich variety of street-level retail shops and restaurants. The second floor is occupied by the cinema, which features 20 screens and 4,200 seats.

This project is located on the block bounded by Broadway, Middlefield, and Jefferson. Several businesses are already open and more are on the way. Parking is plentiful and is located right under the project, in addition to many parking facilities in the surrounding area.

Learn more about how this project came to be by clicking on one of the links below:


View the Webcam

See real time footage of the construction as it takes place. Watch Downtown transform right before your eyes!

Artistic Renderings

See beautiful artistic renderings that show the great architecture of the project.

"On Broadway" Pamphlet by Field Paoli Architects

Learn more about the design of this exciting project in Field Paoli's richly illustrated pamphlet.

Disposition and Development Agreement

Read about the specific details of the project agreement.

Environmental Impact Report Addendum

Read about the environmental impacts of the final project design. For a copy of the Project Draft and Final Downtown Mixed-Use Retail/Cinema Project Environmental Impact Report, please mail Pat Webb at


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