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Redwood City's Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor Plan Community Visioning Summary

Inner Harbor Plan at a Glance
• Community Driven process
• Began in early 2013
• 15 task force members involved
  • The City's role for the Inner Harbor plan (the area on the bay side of Highway 101 from Docktown Marina to the Malibu Grand Prix Raceway, and north-east to the edge of the existing businesses in the Seaport Centre area) is to set the table for future development and community amenities, within State guidelines, and allow the vision of the community to come alive.

  • The Inner Harbor process has enabled the community to set a vision and engaged them in helping to create the Inner Harbor as a great place. A broad range of stakeholders, including members from the Port of Redwood City, Docktown property owners and residents, State Lands Commission, Redwood City/San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce, Ferrari Property Owners, Greenbelt Alliance and many others have been involved over the last two years. (For a full list of task force members, find a link here.)

  • The Inner Harbor area as a whole offers a unique opportunity to enhance our community. The "visioning" process for the Inner Harbor area, including the Docktown Marina was a successful engagement of the community and will continue with a draft plan and environmental review for public input in the Summer 2015.

Inner Harbor Plan Summary

The City launched an extensive community planning process to develop an Inner Harbor plan for the public waterway to be enjoyed by all residents of our community and implemented state mandated planning requirements as part of this process.

In May 2014, the following Inner Harbor Planning Process Guiding Principles were approved by the City Council:

  1. Accommodate a mix of habitat, recreational, educational, residential, and commercial uses in the Inner Harbor.
  2. Create a day/night environment that is safe and enjoyable for residents, employees, and visitors.
  3. Develop strong visual and circulation linkages from Downtown and other areas into the Inner Harbor.
  4. Prioritize use of the waterfront for public---oriented and water---dependent uses and activities.
  5. Provide recreation and open space amenities in the Inner Harbor in support of the citywide adopted parkland standard.
  6. Preserve existing and accommodate new floating communities.
  7. Insist upon quality architecture, streetscapes, public place improvements, and other "placemaking" features that define the Inner Harbor.
  8. Respond creatively and appropriately to projected sea level rise; include use of sustainable and adaptable approaches—such as floating walkways and floating structures—for land use and infrastructure improvements.
  9. Promote recreational uses that accommodate human- and wind-powered watercraft.
  10. Emphasize and enhance boater access to Redwood Creek and the Bay for recreation and educational purposes.
  11. Provide for new and improved pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and auto connections between the Inner Harbor and Downtown, Redwood City, and between the Inner Harbor and adjacent developed areas along the Bay.
  12. Complete the Bay Trail connection through the Inner Harbor.
  13. Incorporate marine and freshwater wetlands areas within, or near the Inner Harbor plan area as habitat and for education.
  14. Accommodate educational use amenities such as museum exhibits and hands-- on learning labs that feature historic Redwood City and local flora/fauna/habitat.
  15. Require private development to include community benefits—either on---site or within the Inner Harbor—such as open space accessible to the public, recreation areas, trails, docks, water access, affordable housing, community services, habitat, or as determined by the City Council.
  16. Incorporate historic features and references to City history into the overall composition of the Inner Harbor area, and into new buildings and public spaces.
  17. Plan for land use and circulation compatibility with adjacent institutional, industrial, and port---dependent uses.

Project Update:

Notice of Preparation (NOP) Released November 10, 2014
SCH No. 2014112027
Comment Period Concluded December 11, 2014

Click here to download the Notice of Preparation

Click here to download the Notice of Scoping Meeting

Click here to download the November 18, 2014 Planning Commission Scoping Session Transcript and Correspondence Received on the Forthcoming Inner Harbor EIR

Project Overview

Redwood City’s Inner Harbor area is a place of great potential and boundless possibilities for the future. Located northeast of US 101 along Redwood Creek, this diverse 100-acre area presently encompasses varying levels of recreational and watercraft uses, marinas and businesses, industrial uses, and waterways. It’s a crossroads, of sorts, between Redwood City’s Downtown and its Port, with access via Maple Street and Blomquist Street. Click map below to make larger.

Inner Harbor Specific Plan

The Inner Harbor area represents a unique and wonderful opportunity for the community, which will be realized through creation of an Inner Harbor Specific Plan. This Plan will be based on the involvement and ideas of the community as a whole, and through a public "visioning" process the Plan will lay out the scope and general guidelines for what the City and community imagine and envision for the bright future of the Inner Harbor Area.

Such a Plan is consistent with Redwood City's General Plan, which invites the reinvigoration of the Inner Harbor area. The City Council of Redwood City supports the creation of an Inner Harbor Specific Plan, with a strategic approach, a robust public engagement element, and deliberate, careful planning efforts guided by a set of key assumptions, which are at the foundation of the effort.

Key Assumptions

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Community Engagement

The year-long community engagement and visioning process will provide both high tech (website, email lists, and other social media) and high touch (one-on-one engagement, small group meetings, large group workshops, and public hearings) opportunities for all interested parties to be informed and involved in the development of an Inner Harbor Specific Plan.

Click here to sign up for Inner Harbor Plan emails/meeting notices

To send us an email, please click the link below and we will respond to you as soon as possible:

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Inner Harbor Task Force

The Inner Harbor Task Force anchors the broader community engagement approach by serving as the primary advisory body throughout the visioning process. This group is comprised of 15 stakeholders representing public and private land owners, residents, and users of the area. Along with additional members representing outside perspectives including other public agencies, the business community, and environmental groups, the Task Force is poised for broad-based visioning and a holistic approach.

Supporting the Task Force is a technical working group composed of subject matter experts drawn from City and County Staff, key state or federal agencies, and outside consultants with expertise in complex planning and environmental issues. This group will work to provide answers to questions raised by participants and offer the technical expertise needed by participants to make informed decisions. As the Task Force is created by formal action of the City Council, it is subject to the Brown Act.

The Task Force convened 11 times beginning June 2013. Its effort concluded with the Task Force's presentation of a "preferred alternative" at the May 12, 2014 Joint City Council/Planning Commission Study Session.

Click here to view a list of the Inner Harbor Plan Task Force Members.

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No meetings scheduled - please check back for future meetings.

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Past Meetings

Inner Harbor Specific Plan DEIR Scoping Meeting November 18, 2014

Redwood City Council - Planning Commission Joint Study Session May 12, 2014

Study Session Report

Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #11 April 16, 2014
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #10 April 8, 2014
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #9 March 25, 2014
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #8 March 11, 2014
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #7 February 25, 2014
Community Workshop February 11, 2014
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #6 January 14, 2014
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #5 November 12, 2013
Task Force Members' Presentations
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #4 October 22, 2013
Task Force Members' Presentations
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #3 July 23, 2013
Task Force Members' Presentations
Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #2 July 9, 2013
Task Force Members' Waterfront Presentations

Inner Harbor Task Force Meeting #1 June 13, 2013
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Inner Harbor Specific Plan

Inner Harbor Specific Plan Forthcoming

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Inner Harbor Environmental Review

NOP Comment Period November 10, 2014 - December 11, 2014
Address Comments to:

Steven Turner, Planning Manager
City of Redwood City
1017 Middlefield Road
PO Box 391
Redwood City, CA 94064

Inner Harbor Specific Plan Notice of Preparation

Inner Harbor Specific Plan Notice of Preparation Notice of Scoping Meeting

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Technical Documents

State Lands Commission Maps March 19, 2014
Final Infrastructure Technical Memorandum February 10, 2014
Final Environmental Issues and Options Report February 10, 2014
Final Circulation Technical Memorandum February 10, 2014
Final Market Study February 10, 2014
Final Land Use February 10, 2014
Final Environmental Issues and Opportunities Report, Appendix A February 20, 2014

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