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FAQs on the Proposed Saltworks Project

What is the proposed Saltworks project?
The Saltworks Project is a proposed development of the 1,400-plus acres owned by Cargill east of Highway 101 and south of Seaport Boulevard in Redwood City. For the past 100 years, portions of the property have been used for a variety of salt-making operations. According to the application submitted by DMB Redwood City Saltworks, the proposed Saltworks Project would develop approximately half of the property with housing, retail and commercial uses, with half dedicated for wetlands, parks, a sports field complex, multi-use open space and waterways.

Why is the City reviewing the proposal?
The City Council determined that it is in the public’s interest to review the development proposal. A team of City staff and specialized consultants conducted an in-depth analysis of the project application and identified Tier One Topics, that is, topics within the application that require more detailed review. After evaluation of the Tier One Reports, the City requested that staff move forward with preparation of a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

What is the schedule for the Environmental Review Process?
The environmental review process for the proposed project is under way. The first of a series of informational workshops has been held and the Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the EIR has been issued. Scoping Meetings will be held to discuss the scope and content of the EIR starting on October 19, 2010 and continuing through early 2011. For more details, see the Environmental Review Process and Schedule pages. Also, questions specifically about the EIR are answered at: FAQs about the Environmental Review Process.

Will a General Plan Amendment be required?
The proposed Saltworks Project application includes a request by the applicant for a General Plan Amendment, in addition to rezoning, a specific plan, environmental review, and a development agreement. At its meeting on August 10, 2009 the City Council voted to initiate the process for evaluation of a potential General Plan Amendment. This allowed the City to proceed with hiring consultants, preparing detailed analyses, commissioning technical studies, and developing a thorough community involvement and public environmental review process. The City will recoup all expenses from the developer for these and other resources needed to evaluate the proposal.

How do I stay involved in the process?
This site will contain regular updates on the development proposal and review process and will include information about meeting dates and opportunities for written and oral comments and input. Suggestions for commenting effectively during the Scoping process are included in the “Understanding the Environmental Review Process” meeting handout on the Reports & Documents page. We will also include relevant reports and documents as they become available. You can sign up for email updates by going to the Public Participation page and signing up for the Mailing List.

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