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Proposal Information

On Tuesday, May 19, 2009, the City of Redwood City received an application from DMB Redwood City Saltworks, LLC for a General Plan Amendment, an Environmental Assessment, and a Zoning Map Amendment for the 1,436-acre site owned by Cargill Incorporated.

The approximately two-square-mile property is located in the northeastern portion of Redwood City, east of Seaport Boulevard and north of U.S. Highway 101.

At its meeting on August 10, 2009 the City Council voted to initiate the process for evaluation of a potential General Plan amendment. This allows the City to proceed with hiring consultants, preparing detailed analyses, commissioning technical studies, and developing a thorough community involvement and public environmental review process.

The development proposal, as submitted by the applicant, includes a general project description with the following topics:

Land Use:

  • Residential
    • Low-Medium Density
    • Medium Density
    • High Density
    • Central Neighborhood Mixed-Use/Residential
  • Commercial/Office
    • Commercial
    • Central Neighborhood Mixed-Use/Residential
    • Neighborhood Mixed-Use

Open Space:

  • Habitat/Wetlands
    • Tidal Marsh Habitat
    • Sloughs, Channels, and Mudflats
    • Low Marsh
    • Mid Marsh
    • High Marsh and Upland Transition Zones
  • Redwood City Bayside Park, Neighborhood Parks, Greenways
  • Recreational Waterways
  • Sports Filed Complex
  • Multi-Use Perimeter Open Space

Community Facilities:

  • Schools
    • Elementary Schools
    • Middle School
  • Branch Library
  • 4-H Club, Farm, and Community Garden/Edible School Yard
  • Interpretive Environmental Education Center and Tidal Marsh Habitat Restoration and Research Center
  • Fire Station
  • Places of Worship


  • Project Access
  • Internal Street System
  • Transit Plan
  • Transportation Demand Management Program
  • Parking Management
  • Alternative Modes of Transportation
    • Bike/Walk
    • Electric Car Share and Lease-to-Own


  • Grading and Flood Protection
  • Stormwater Management
    • Regional Off-Site-Generated Stormwater Control
    • Project-Generated Stormwater Control
  • Potable Water Service
  • Sanitary Sewer Service and Recycled Water
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Dry Utilities
    • Electrical and Gas
    • Cable and Communications

Also included in the applicant’s development proposal are the following:

  • Environmental Questionnaire
  • Statement of Justification
  • Appendices
    • Infrastructure
    • Water Supply
    • Water Demand


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