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Supporting and Background Documents — Tier One Topics

These documents provide background information on Tier One Topics identified in the Saltworks proposal by City staff and consultants that required more detailed review. Tier One Topics were identified as fundamental issues that needed to be addressed in order for continued review of the Saltworks proposal. As documents become available or are identified as relevant we will post them here for easy access. Some of the documents below were prepared by the developer, DMB, and others by various agencies as noted below.

Tier One Evaluations Source Date PDF File
Size KB
Water Supply
Groundwater Feasiblity Report Redwood City 03/03 191
Wholesale Customer Water Demand Projections SFPUC 11/04 4,163
Wholesale Customer Water Conservation Potential (SFPUC) SFPUC 12/04 15,160
Urban Water Management Plan Redwood City 2005  
Redwood City Revised Purchase Estimate Redwood City 11/05 14
Summary of Groundwater Extraction Opportunities DMB 11/06 2,224
Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA)
Annual Survey FY 2006-07
BAWSCA 01/08 939
Water Supply Agreement between SF & Wholesale Customers SFPUC 07/09 3,953
Geological & Geophysical Survey for Water Well Location Geoconsultants 2006 1,343
Red Morton Park Well - Staff Report Redwood City 5/16/08 169
SFPUC Water Supply Improvement Project (WSIP)
Final SFPUC Water Supply and Improvement Project PEIR 
The complete eight-volume SFPUC Water System Improvement Project Programmatic
EIR with comments and responses is available for review on the City of San Francisco website.
Index of SFPUC WSIP approvals SFPUC 09/08 15
SFPUC Staff recommendation memo SFPUC 9/30/08 1,881
WSIP Agenda Item (Part 1 of 2) SFPUC 10/30/08 2,433
WSIP Agenda Item (Part 2 of 2) SFPUC 10/30/08 446
WSIP Approval – minutes of meeting SFPUC 10/30/08 295
Investigation of Regional Water Supply Option No. 4 SFPUC 03/06/06 5,139
Recycled Water
Wholesale Customer Recycled Water Potential (SFPUC) SFPUC 12/04 13,951
Redwood City Recycled Water Task Force Report Redwood City 03/04 3,549
Redwood City Recycled Water Task Force Progress Report Redwood City 06/05 2,451
Redwood City Recycled Water Task Force Report Redwood City 03/08 348
Recycled Water Project Demand Projection Update Redwood City 06/09 155
101 Overcrossing Concept DMB 12/7/10 367
Blomquist Overcrossing Concept DMB 12/7/10 489
Proposed Bike-Pedestrian Connections to Saltworks DMB 01/26/10 280
Transportation Overview DMB 10/16/09 97
Transportation - Objectives and Strategies DMB 10/16/09 182
Representative Case Studies DMB 10/16/09 165
Map - Saltworks Transit Stops DMB 10/16/09 365
Map - Home-based work trips DMB 10/16/09 1,097
Jurisdictional Overlay Issues
BCDC Salt Ponds Policy Report BCDC 10/05 1,276


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