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Welcome to the Public Works Department

For Sanitary Sewer Overflow Emergencies, call (650) 780-7464

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Mission Statement

Help build a great community, while providing essential services for daily life.

Who We Are

Dump TruckPublic Works (PW) is a Department within the Charter City of Redwood City, California. We serve a city population of approximately 80,000 citizens and provide water services to an additional 1,600 households in the unincorporated Emerald Hills area.

Working in partnership with our citizens, PW professionals are dedicated to providing high quality services with integrity, creativity, and excellence.

Public Works is comprised of four operating sections:
  • Water Utility Services
    • Manages operations and maintains the city’s water supply and distribution system, providing high quality water at the lowest possible cost.
  • Wastewater Management Services
    • Maintains, operates and repairs the sewer and storm drainage systems to provide a safe and clean environment for our community.
  • Right-Of-Way Maintenance
    • Maintains streets, traffic signs and traffic signals to promote safe and effective thoroughfares, while enhancing the beauty of our community.
  • Municipal Service Center and Fleet Management
    • Services and maintains city vehicles and equipment, while managing purchases and replacement.
The PW staff promotes a number of programs that enhance services and further the development of our great community, such as:

       Please see Program, Projects and Reports for a more complete list.


PW supports the City Council Utilities Committee and the Redwood City Pride & Beautification Committee, in addition to other organizations that assist in providing services to Redwood City citizens. Some of these include:

PW is responsible for long-range planning and management of the City’s Water and Sewer systems. This is accomplished by balancing enterprise funds and ensuring the City's systems are replaced in accordance with their useful life.

The Public Works Department is dedicated to building a great community for work and for life.

For more information about Public Works, please Contact Us. 

View the Department Presentation to Council

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