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Sewer Services

For Sanitary Sewer Overflow Emergencies, call (650) 780-7464

Who We AreSewer Services

The Wastewater Division is a diverse workforce that takes pride in maintaining the City of Redwood City’s wastewater infrastructure. The sewer section operates, maintains, and repairs approximately 194 miles of public sewer mains, 82 miles of public laterals and­­­ 31 lift stations.  

All members of the Wastewater Division are certified through the California Water Environment Association, and are cross trained to assist other PWS divisions when needed.  Members also attend various workshops and trainings to stay abreast of the latest tools and equipment, industry trends, and local, state and federal laws. All of Redwood City’s wastewater is treated by Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) at their wastewater treatment facility in Redwood Shores.

What We Do

Sewer ServicesCombination Jet/Vacuum Truck - A combination jetter/vacuum truck is the City’s primary tool for cleaning gravity sewers.  High pressure water jets dislodge any trapped roots, grease, silt, and debris in the sewer line.  Wastewater workers trap all materials dislodged during hydro-jetting in a downstream manhole and use the vacuum to extract the material from the sewer system.

Pump Stations - Pump or lift stations help carry wastewater to higher elevations or directly pump to the waste water treatment facility (SVCW).

Sewer Services

Machine Rodder - A truck-mounted rodder is used to maintain sewer lines by removing obstructions using hydraulic pressure and a continuous rod with a rotating saw blade.  It is primarily used to clean areas with known root problems.

Repair Utility Truck - Carries equipment designed for sewer line emergencies as well as regular maintenance.  One of the primary pieces of equipment on the truck is a generator powered electric-driven line cleaner for 4-6 inch sewer lines.  The truck is also equipped with a portable closed-circuit television (CCTV) unit.

Street Sweeper - The street sweeping truck uses mechanical brooms to pick up debris and stores the debris inside the truck body. The sweeper also scrubs the street surface.

Trenchless Sewer Repair - Trenchless sewer technology allows the City to repair defects in the sewer system without having to use more costly and time consuming methods like the conventional “open trench” method. Trenchless sewer repair relines the inside of existing sewer pipes with a permanent lining. This allows the City to repair breaks, cracks and other offsets. Watch the informational video below for more information about trenchless sewer repair.




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