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How to Conserve Water At Home

faucetRedwood City offers a great variety of programs, information, tips, and techniques water flowersfor water conservation in and around your home.

From high efficiency toilets to clothes washers, and from water conservation kits to free water conservation house calls - there are many opportunities for you to save water and money. Browse and click on the ones that make sense for you and your household!

Free Sprinkler Nozzles
Free Sprinkler Nozzle Program Redwood City is partnering with to bring you up to 25 FREE sprinkler heads. This can help save water waste and $money$.
lawn be gone
Lawn be Gone Program Redwood City Water rebates $1.00 per square foot to replace your lawn with water efficient plants.
Seasonal Water Suggestions
Seasonal Watering Schedule Suggestions
How much should you be watering your different types of landscaping...and during different seasons? Check this handy schedule with tips to keep your watering efficient and effective.
Toilet Rebate Program Get a substantial rebate when you replace your old water-wasting toilet with a new high-efficiency model!

High Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate Program Buy a high or ultra-high efficiency clothes washer, and save water, energy, and detergent - and get a rebate of up to $100! (Note: rebates not available for washing machines using "Active Fresh" or "Silver Ion" technology)

house calls

“Smart Home” Water-Use House Calls We’ll send a Water Conservation Technician to your home to help you conserve water inside the house, and in your garden and lawn – free! Available only during spring and summer months.

Gardening CD
Free Water Wise Gardening CD A world of garden design and maintenance ideas is just a mouse click away with Redwood City's WaterWise Gardening CD. Garden tours and gallery, plant database, gardening guide, and more. Call 780-7436 or use the email link above to request yours.

Free “Smart Home” Water Conservation Kit Your free kit includes all the tools needed to make your home "water smart" - leak detection tablets, drip gauge, a shower head flow meter, sink faucet aerator, a home plumbing handbook, conservation brochure, and more!

My Water

Water Use Allocation Program - "My Water" This Program is an easy way to determine the average amount of water that your household should be using, compared with your actual use. It also sets the stage for providing a fair and equitable way to distribute water during a drought.

Certified Green Gardener Use a Certified Green Gardener to save water and maximize sustainable landscaping practices. Certified Green Gardeners and landscapers are trained in resource-efficient and pollution-prevention landscape practices, as well as integrated pest management and the use of alternatives to pesticides and herbicides.

Four Easy Steps to Wise Water Use in Your Home Want the quick low-down on how to use water wisely in your home? You’ll find four easy steps right here!


H2OUSE Home Water Conservation – This excellent website by the California Urban Water Conservation Council provides many resources to help you save water, and money.


Other Tips for conserving water inside and outside your home

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