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Four Easy Steps to Wise Water Use in Your Home

dripRedwood City offers so many ways to save water - here’s what we consider the top four steps, that you can accomplish with your free SMART Home Water Conservation Kit:

1. Check for Plumbing Leaks
Most faucet leaks are visible as drips coming out of the faucet. However, many silent leaks, especially those in the toilet, cause water and your money to go down the drain. Studies demonstrate that homes can waste nearly 14 percent due to leaking, a cost to both you and to the environment. Remember, every drop counts!

2. Measure Shower & Faucet Flow-Rates
rulerThe water and energy savings you get from installing a new showerhead or faucet aerator are primarily determined by your current device. Showerhead and faucet aerators are rated in gallons per minute (GPM). A high-flow showerhead uses more than 2.5 GPM, and often up to five GPM or more. Most high-flow faucet aerators available today use 2-3 GPM.

3. Replace Faucet Aerators in Bathrooms & Kitchen
The free conservation kit we provide includes one kitchen faucet aerator (rated 1.5 GPM) and one bathroom faucet shower nozzleaerator (rate 0.5 GPM). Additional aerators are available to Redwood City customers by picking them up at Public Works at 1400 Broadway or at City Hall at 1017 Middlefield Ave. Or, if you would like us to mail you one, call us at 780-7436. They are easy to replace and save you water and money!

4. Determine The Number of Gallons Per Flush/Per Toilet toilet
The most important thing you can do to improve toilet efficiency is to replace your old water-wasting toilet with a new efficient model. Toilets made before 1992 use anywhere from 3.5 gallons per flush (GPF) to five GPF. In fact, since 1992 the only toilets permitted by law to be sold in California use 1.6 GPF (called ultra low-flush toilets or ULFT).

To determine the gallons-per-flush on your toilet, check the toilet's GPF stamp located on the toilet bowl rim. If it's not there, then check the toilet's make, model, and date of manufacture by lifting the toilet tank lid and looking for the manufacturer's imprint stamp located at the inside back of the tank. If the date of manufacture is 1980 or earlier, it's GPF is probably five or higher; if it was built between 1981 and 1992, then it's likely a 3.5 GPF toilet; and if it's manufacture date is 1992 to the present, it should be a 1.6 GPF and is already water-efficient.

The City has a toilet replacement program that will help you to save water every time you flush!

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