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Other Potential Measures (OPMs )

While promising, the Task Force recognized that most of these additional measures either generate savings that would be difficult to quantify, require additional research to confirm their viability, or depend upon improvements in existing technology. These OPMs, listed below, are intended to give the City additional flexibility to meet future potable water supply demands. Further detail on the OPMs can be found in the Task Force Final Report.

  1. Further investigate potential use of groundwater.
  2. Consider a commercial toilet replacement program.
  3. Promote community awareness of conservation.
  4. Adopt an ordinance to implement conservation measures.
  5. Consider requiring low-flow urinals in new construction.
  6. Consider requiring conservation devices in new construction.
  7. Evaluate incentives for electronic eye faucets.
  8. Investigate potential water swaps with other potable water conveyors.
  9. Evaluate emerging automated landscape irrigation technology.
  10. Evaluate emerging wastewater treatment technology.

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