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SMART Home Water Conservation Kit

leakMany people look at a leaky faucet in their home and don’t think about how much water is wasted. They’re often surprised to learn that a leak of just 60 drops per minute can waste approximately 192 gallons a month, or nearly 2,500 gallons per year! A toilet leak can be even more wasteful, potentially losing up to hundreds of gallons a day.

To help reduce these and other household wastes of our valuable water supply, Redwood City is offering FREE home water conservation kits to residents. These kits will help you detect leaks in faucets and toilets, determine if your fixtures are water efficient, and offer tips on how to make your home "water tight and waste free."

Click here to read the Smart Home Water Conservation Kit brochure.

Free water conservation kit includes:

  • Two faucet sink aerators, and a variable dual setting kitchen faucet nozzlesaerator with swivel to maximize water efficiency in a household’s sinks;
  • A showerhead flow meter to calculate a shower’s water waste and savings potential;leak gauge
  • A drip gauge for detecting faucet leaks;
  • Two packs of leak detector dye tablets to check for toilet leaks;
  • A "Practical Plumbing Handbook" providing a comprehensive overview of plumbing components and repairs (disponible en Español).

You can get your free SMART Home Water Conservation Kit by:

  • Calling Redwood City's Water Conservation Hotline
    at 780-7436
  • Visiting Redwood City's Public Works Division, located at 1400 Broadway
  • Visiting City Hall, located at 1017 Middlefield Road.

(Residents will be asked to provide their Redwood City water account number when requesting a water conservation kit)

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