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Welcome to Redwood City's
2010 Urban Water Management Plan
~ A Community Conversation on Water Supply ~

The 2010 Urban Water Management Plan is now available for public review.

Redwood City is happy to provide the 2010 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) , which was adopted on June 13, 2011. We successfully completed our goal of incorporating public comment and producing a final document that fully complies with State regulations, and provides a viable and pragmatic guideline for addressing our community’s water needs.

Water demands identified in the draft UWMP are based on the City’s New General Plan, while supply is based on Redwood City’s Individual Supply Guarantee from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Also folded into the City’s water supply portfolio are Redwood City’s water conservation and recycling programs.

Two community workshops were held prior to producing this 2010 UWMP. During these workshops, the City gathered public input, shared with the community the work performed to date, provided details on what was then a projected 700 acre-foot water supply shortfall and alternatives for bridging that gap. Consistent with the City’s outreach plan for the UWMP, the first Draft 2010 UWMP was posted on the City’s website on April 13, 2011 for public review and comment. The second Draft 2010 UWMP was posted on the City’s website on May 13, 2011, to incorporate changes to the first draft made subsequent to the second workshop but prior to the City Council’s consideration of adopting the UWMP.

The final step in the UWMP process was to hold a public hearing for the purpose of complying with the State Water Conservation Bill of 2009 (also known as SBX7 and the 20x2020 Plan) which requires that per-capita water use be reduced by 20% by the year 2020. The intent of the hearing was to explain how Redwood City will meet required water use targets in the years 2015 and 2020, and outline the economic impacts which may affect the community by meeting those targets. The required public hearing, in which these elements were explained, was joined with the adoption of the 2010 UWMP at the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting on June 13, 2011.


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