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Water Use Allocation Program - "My Water"


The City of Redwood City implemented a Water Use Allocation Program (My Water) for Redwood City residents in 2001. The allocation program provides a fair and equitable way to distribute water during possible future droughts, taking into consideration the individual customer needs and their conservation efforts.

You can view your water allocation and compare your water use with your allocation for the last 12 months. To do so, please LOG ON to the My Water site now. You'll need your water billing account number to log on.

Click here to see an example of how the allocation program will affect the "already conserving" versus "not yet conserving" household. This program will help you keep your water use within your allocation!

As California's population increases, so does the potential for a serious drought. And if we have to ration water, our Urban Water Management Plan specifies that your Water Use Allocation information will be used to determine your water allocation and water charges.

To participate in this program, residential water users need to provide information about their household by completing a survey form:

If you don't complete a survey, you will be given a default allocation: two people living in the household, 100 square feet of turf, 250 sqare feet of other irrigated area. If your information is significantly different, you can see that your water allocation and bill will be severely impacted by using the default allocation, if water rationing were to occur.

Please follow the links below to:

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback related to Redwood City's Water Use Allocation Program, please contact us.



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