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Water Conservation Redwood City, California
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Free Sprinkler Nozzles!

Single Family accounts are eligible for 25 FREE efficient sprinkler nozzles. To apply today or for more information go to

Save Water While Irrigating
The Redwood City Water Conservation Program can help you reduce summer consumption! Watering your landscape typically uses 50% or more of a single family homes water consumption annually. The good news is that Landscape irrigation also poses the greatest opportunity for water savings. Redwood City is here to help by offering FREE sprinkler nozzles to save water in your yard. By replacing your old spray nozzles with Precision Series Spray nozzles it’s possible to use 1/3 less water for irrigation.

How can a spray nozzle reduce consumption you might ask?
By Maximizing Irrigation Efficiency. Precision Spray nozzle technology delivers less water per hour than traditional spray nozzles, which better matches’ our soil infiltration rate. This lower precipitation rate, along with distributing the water more uniformly make these nozzles more efficient.

Sprinklers Without Pressure-Compensation (Mist)

Sprinklers With Pressure-Compensation (Precision Droplets)

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