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City Council Approves Water & Sewer Rate Increases
Annual increases over three years
approved at City Council meeting on June 10, 2013

During the water and sewer rate adjustments that have been made over the last several years, the City has consistently indicated that similar increases would be occurring each year for the foreseeable future. At a public hearing held on June 10, 2013, the City Council approved a 9% rate increase in each of the three upcoming fiscal years - 2013/14, 2014/15, and 2015/16. The new rates will be effective August 1, 2013; July 1, 2014; and July 1, 2015.

  • WATER - for a typical household (using 10 units of water every two months), that 9% will amount to increases of:
    • $3.33 per month in the first year
    • $3.60 per month in the second year
    • $3.91 per month in the third year

  • SEWER - for residents, that 9% will amount to increases of:
    • $5.21 per month in the first year
    • $5.68 per month in the second year
    • $6.18 per month in the third year

In the coming years, Redwood City will continue to see additional rate increases proposed for both water and sewer services, in order to meet the increasing actual costs of providing these services. While such increases are challenging, they are unavoidable and urgently needed in order to ensure our community has a quality water and sewer system, which are among the most basic and fundamental services that the City provides to the people who live and work here.

The City fully recognizes that many in our community are facing financial challenges. These necessary increases are not something that that the City or the City Council takes lightly. They are being proposed only after the most careful and thoughtful consideration of how to structure these annual rate increases so that the impact to households and businesses is as moderate as possible.

If you would like to speak to someone about water or sewer rate increases, or about any issues related to these services, please feel free to call Redwood City's Community Development Department, Public Works Division, at 650-780-7464.


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