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zoppe circus
zoppe circus

Zoppé Italian Family Circus


Zoppé, An Italian Family Circus

Nino the Clown

The 7th Generation

October 7-23, 2016
Matinee & Evening Showtimes
Circus Tent: Red Morton Park
1455 Madison Ave. Redwood City (map)

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The Zoppé Italian Family Circus takes family entertainment to new heights this year, performing matinée and evening shows from October 7th through the 23rd under the intimate, one-ring tent in beautiful Red Morton Park in Redwood City. 

The Zoppé Circus brings an all new show for its 9th year to our fair city, called  “Ricominciare” (ree-koh-min-CHAR-ay) meaning recommence, begin again and restart. This fresh new show will host an amazing lineup of performers featuring La Tarumba Equestrians who fuse Circus with Theatre, Music and the Equestrian arts. Additionally, 5th Generation Circus performer Denisse Santos from Mexico brings an exciting flying trapeze show to the tent, while Ring Master Raoul Gomiero from Italy pulls the audience into the emotions of the show for an exciting new wild ride this year while juggler Liam Halstead wows the audience with his amazing feats.

"The show changes every year," explains Zoppé. So no worries if you saw last year's Redwood City gig." Highlights of this year's show include several performances by new guest artists which are featured below!

zoppe circus tentAbout the Show

The Zoppé Family Circus welcomes guests into the intimate 500 seat tent for a one-ring circus that honors the best history of the Old-World Italian tradition. Starring Nino the clown, the circus is propelled by a central story (as opposed to individual acts) that feature acrobatic feats, equestrian showmanship, canine capers, clowning and plenty of audience participation. 


New acts for 2016 include...

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La Tarumba Equestrians

Since 2014 the artists of La Tarumba have fused Circus with Theatre, Music, and the Equestrian arts. They strive to be well-rounded artists with mastery of interpretation, as well as circus technique - actors who are able to amaze and move emotionally. Their passion for the art of circus and our love for horses connects them. Equestrian acrobatics and character development ride along hand in hand. Precision jumping in perfect symphony with music, allows us to create a beautiful scene that we share and enjoy: spectators, artists, and horses. In 2015, when Maxim Panteleenko joined the act, the creative possibilities multiplied. They had been riding fast as the wind, and now they could actually fly and conquer the air. They dance from the sand in the ring to the top of the tent. As La Tarumba, the performers pursue the value of Circus as an artistic form. They strive to bring out the best in each other and work hard so that the audience can form an emotional connection with a remarkable show.



Flying Trapeze Artist Denisse Santos

Denisse Santos is a 5th generation of circus performer from Mexico. She was born into the circus world and at the age of 5 she did her first performance in her grandparents' circus in Mexico. As she got older, she had to be in school and her Mom asked her to choose if she wanted to stay home and go to school like everyone else, or to be on the road traveling with the circus and to do homeschooling. When I started homeschooling after moving to the US, she had all the time to focus on her act, since being a contortionist is a full-time thing. Today at the age of 17, she lives her life and dream of traveling the world doing what she loves the most, and in the best place on earth which is the circus.



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Ringmaster Raoul Gomiero

Raoul Gomiero is an Italian Juggling Performer, Street Artist, Presenter, Circus Ring Master, Juggling Teacher and Theatre Actor who has performed for street festivals, theater productions, and television.


The Circus is a Zoppé Family Tradition!

zoppe family

The Zoppé Family Circus has an amazing, unique story. The Zoppè Family Circus emerged more than 160 years ago to become one of the legendary circuses in all of Europe. And like many good legends, it begins with a boy and a girl falling in love. In 1842, a young French street performer named Napoline Zoppè wandered into a plaza in Budapest, Hungary, looking for work. There, his eyes glanced upon a beautiful equestrian ballerina named Ermenegilda, who captured the hearts and minds of the crowd with her grace and showmanship. More importantly, this talented beauty capturedNapoline's heart.

However, since Napoline was a clown, Ermenegilda's father saw him as beneath her and disapproved of their relationship. The two ran away to Venice, Italy, and founded the circus that still bears their name. Alberto Zoppè, Napoline's great-grandson, inherited the circus almost 100 years later.  

Alberto's children, Giovanni, Tosca and Carla, along with their spouses, have all been active at one time or another in the family business. Giovanni revived the Zoppè Family Circus in America eight years ago and has since been building its reputation with audiences and critics as an enchanting exhibition of traditional European circus.

The Zoppé Family Circus is a once-a-year event not to be missed, so get your tickets early!